The bird hunter in Guangdong has retained 300 species of birds in 27 years

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April 8th is “International Rare Animal Protection Day”. Today, we followed photographer Chen Chunqing to a wetland park in Guangzhou to listen to his wonderful experience of bird watching and photographing over the past 27 years. “The love of birds is influenced by my mother, who loves birds as angels.” Chen Chunqing said.In 1995, Chen Chunqing accidentally photographed the black-faced Spoonbill, an endangered and rare bird in the world, showing its face in nansha Wetland of Guangzhou. The “bird giant panda” black-faced spoonbill gave him the most memorable photographic memory in harvesting precious video materials of the black-faced spoonbillSince 2016, Guangdong has vigorously promoted the construction of wetland protection system and comprehensively strengthened the protection of wetland resources. It has preliminarily established wetland type nature reserve wetland park as the main body wetland protection area forest park drinking water source protection areaIn 2011, 5,222 black-faced spoonbills were recorded around the world, up 7.4% from last year. Chen chunqing once suggested to relevant authorities that a warning zone should be set up around the habitat of black-faced spoonbills and other rare birds to prohibit human activities such as fishing and driving to the sea”With a better ecological environment in Guangdong, more than 50 Chinese mergansers, the first-class protected animal of the state, have been found to come to Guangdong for winter for the first time this year.”Chen Chunqing plans to take photos of Chinese autumn-sand ducks and spoon-bill sandpipers, hoping to discover their living habits, find out the thoughts of protecting them and give feedback to reporters of relevant departments synchronically: Chen Kunni camera, Wei Mengshuang Editor, Chen Shi Yun Audit, Ke Xin And He Boyi news, latest information, random happiness scan, add to the eventJoin guangdong Taiwan news fan group statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: