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Hey BABY what time is it get up brush my teeth wash my face today is what day Today valentine’s day to your lovely smiling face Busy busy ah non-stop every day memorable This valentine’s day every day a wu ke qun “valentine’s day” as the beginning of today, seems to be perfect, immediately to the valentine’s day, believe lovers all over the world to celebrate the coming of the day, and be prepared.Whether it’s a thoughtful gift for your loved one or an atmospheric date, this is a day to make your ‘she’ or ‘him’ more surprising and beautiful.When it comes to dating, it is a reserved item for all couples on February 14, so what to wear on the date?Nothing matches the mood of the day better than matching outfits.It can not only create beautiful love memories for this day, but also for the love of two people, add spice and intimacy.Johnny and Winona are a couple with the same strength and the same appearance as the ceiling. Their love for each other, even after decades of love, is still in the hearts of many people.Although they eventually separated, their matching outfits would be repeated and admired for years to come, proving that they themselves provided irreplaceable classic value.No matter attending events or taking photos in private, every time we travel with them, we can always find a lot of casual interaction and wonderful fusion from them.Such as the absolute love of black, always connected small details, these invisible glue of love, more like a silent declaration.To those who are watching and to each other: we love each other deeply and sincerely.Such love interest is the most interesting resonance between lovers, just like John F.Kennedy Jr.Like Carolyn Bessette, she creates more love myths each time with full tacit understanding and similar aesthetics.So today we talk about valentine’s Day sweethearts, how to wear, in order to create a more harmonious and good-looking intimate atmosphere.Young_male and female French couple Nelson Tiberghien and Isabelle Chaput are also highly valued on Instagram for their similar dressing habits and funny sense of humour.In all couples, the most effective way is for two people to choose the same version and style, so that there will be a very good coherent and unified visual effect.Take inside for instance those who choose shirt style, color is white, such although coat is different, also still have very good echo.Or it could be a uniform style of wide-leg striped pants, with a uniform color that maximizes the close connection between the styles.In addition to the style, the consistency of the version above is also a good choice, especially the same coat, a large area of similarity, there is a kind of love expression, you have me, I have you.If you feel that the coat is too uniform, it is not easy to display personal characteristics.Also can choose the trousers outfit of same edition, do not need tonal absolute consistent, should be straight tube trousers or conical trousers only, can make the atmosphere that has love very much.Also can be same shoe model, perhaps same inside build, look like so casual is same, do not have so make public, can move people’s heart on detail however, the sweet that is caught off guard seems sweeter.Similar in small area, you can also choose accessories of the same style, such as the same necklace, the same bag, the same scarf hat.Small and clever, easy to shape.Not limited to any figure, but also give individuals more space to display.The style design also includes parts of clothing, such as neckline, cuff and pattern material, which can be the same binding design, same button and same pattern cloth.If you want to dress couples more chic and clever, might as well start from these aspects, but more eye-catching fashion effect.INS: In addition to the style version, color is also a crucial part of clothing collocation, good color has the charm of a hit, it can put the wonderful and pleasant visual sense, the first time to convey to the brain.This is also a lot of lovers in shaping couples to wear, the first consideration from the color of the reason.For example, the fashion couple Alice Barbier and Js Roques, also from Paris, who share the IG “jaimetoutcheztoi”, like to use the same color details to express the mystery of the relationship between the couple and the individual in the difference.And the dressing style of the two people is more concise and life, and there is a high reference to wear, which is particularly highlighted in color.Take this group of suits as an example, they prefer to use similar tones in the same color to create a layer of beauty of light and shade, while highlighting the subtle and similar chemical reaction between two individuals.Want to be similar than a large area absolutely so, have more look and interest, be like orange department similarly wear build, can a deep orange a bright orange, it is contracted inside build, it is romantic outside build.Let people shout will wear at the same time, and will realize that it is more fashionable to wear this way.And the couple are very good at using color blocks to balance the vibe of their outfits, such as women’s bags to match men’s pants, or undergarments to match each other’s jackets.Such one big and one small, have the harmonious feeling of colour respect already, do not have so make public again, have the care between sweetheart very much instead, value, like to express proper.INS: ElleMaywatson style as the expression of the soul inside the dress, it has more space to play than between styles and colors.Especially for lovers, using the same style to express the similar aesthetics, values and preferences between two people, such similarity is more like the code of destined love between two people.Just like Elle May & Christian Watson, a photographer couple from Australia, they share the same aesthetic direction as they do in their work.Although the couple did not specifically describe the couple’s dress, it did not prevent us from finding a very pleasant harmonious aesthetic feeling, as well as casual tacit understanding on style attributes.As they all like retro wind, with a little soft and comfortable pastoral atmosphere, as well as the original taste of cool tooling, at the same time dotted with a little British rigorous and gentleman.This similarity is not so straightforward, but more intriguing, as if the part of attraction that sticks to each other is stable and will not change.In terms of fabric styles, they all like a bit of rough texture, tweed and denim, cotton and linen.All are the essence of the old school inheritance, with the shadow of nature and purity. Those who like the characteristics of this kind of cloth must be soft and artistic.This style is also reflected in the consistency of the colors, such as the old earth color, the mild and rustic neutral tones, and the original frosted cream.Even if the style is not the same, the premise of fabric and tone highlights the similar aesthetic behind the style.Of course, the style is also reflected in the artistic conception, and the atmosphere created by clothes is more suitable for lovers to create a tacit understanding and a common integration effect.For example, they are warm and kind, or similar chic and agile, almost beautiful and simple.Even if two people don’t dress in the same way, it’s amazing that they must have a lot in common in their souls.Perhaps this is the secret of lovers’ clothes, regardless of all external forms, the key to good couples’ clothes lies in the sense of inner connection between two people. The more consistent the inner attributes are, the more harmonious the atmosphere will be. Even if tomorrow is not Valentine’s Day, love is the best couple’s clothes.