Shandong Jinxiang: “little melon” pry rural development

2022-05-23 0 By

Shandong Network, China – The spring breeze blows on the face of Shandong Province on March 29. It is a good season for melon seedlings to try their best to elongate. Villagers are busy pollinating melons in the collective greenhouses of Yangtang Village, Xinglong Town, Jinxiang County, Shandong Province.In recent years, Yangtang village adopted the mode of “Party branch + cooperative + peasant household” to develop the village collective economic project. The Party branch transferred 4 mu of land from the hands of the villagers according to the price of 1000 yuan per mu, and built two modern agricultural greenhouses.Under the leadership of village party branch, in June 2021, Yang Tang village into individual cooperative contracting collective greenhouses, cooperatives to be responsible for greenhouse management, operation and product sales work, the party branch just provide agricultural materials, seeds and other service support for cooperatives, cooperative conceit losses, eventually each 50% into income in accordance with the village collective, cooperative,During the year, the village’s collective economic income broke through 100,000 yuan.”In the process of transfer there are also some people do not recognize the land transfer,” Yang Tang village party branch secretary Huang Hongjun said frankly.In order to win the support of the masses, Yang Tang village party branch launched all party members door-to-door work, now the village not only built two greenhouses, but also use the village before the house, idle homestead and other land planting honeysuckle more than 100 acres, the industry in the village is more and more prosperous.After tasting the sweetness of harvest, Yang Tang village party branch put the vision to get through agricultural products online sales channel again.For this reason, the town party committee also equipped with electric business experience for Yang Tang village cadres Bao Village Zhu Jiabao, secretary of the village, yellow red army cadres and Bao Village after get to know each other, hit it off, hand in hand into the studio and turns into a “take goods web celebrity”, further broaden the online and offline sales channels for agricultural products, assist the village collective income with the masses.In the face of the masses concerned about the sales of the problem, Xinglong town political research office director, director of the network agency office and Yang Tang village cadres Zhu Jiabao said, “the current white pear melon growth is good, there are 30 days can be listed, this year through e-commerce sales, is expected to increase income per acre more than 2000 yuan, for more than 10 villagers to provide employment.”