The Witcher 3’s brief translation is “worse than complex.

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Recently, a player on Zhihu asked “Why is the translation of The game Witcher iii so literal, just like machine translation?””Lichess, the simplified Chinese translator, also answered this question. Lichess said that the traditional Chinese translation is not as good as the simplified Chinese version, and the mission instructions, monster illustrations, and character biographies in the complex Chinese version are just a mess.Lichess replied: I am one of the translators of the Simplified Chinese version.I translated all the mission instructions, the monster books, the biographies.Is the Chinese version better than the Chinese version?It’s just the top three, and it’s a mess.The Witcher 3’s mission titles and mission descriptions contain numerous references to traditional literature, fantasy science fiction, and modern film and television pop culture.I came to meet me and I found Vickers is just one of them.Among other things, there are stranger in a Strange Land (Heinlein), the Fall of usher (POE), The Age of Hard Times (Dickens), You Shall Not Pass (The Ring), and so on.Then each monster in the monster atlas begins with a quote, most of which is poetry, and the numerous versions are all mangled.Lady Lin begins with a quote from Macbeth, so I used Zhu shenghao’s translation.In addition, Lichess admitted that the last sentence of my version was too subtle to get the meaning of a boar eating a maiden (hence the revised version used in Quint).But, uh, what the hell is that.Chinese biographies are a mess.The biography of Gerot, which begins with the sentence “I have been friends with Gerot for over twenty-five years” (to that effect), does not appear in the original text at all, but is a figment of the translator’s imagination.The same goes for many NPC conversations.One of Philippa’s lines translates to “I can’t boil an egg.”It almost came out when I saw it.Because it was “suck the fucking luan eggs.”Quite a few swear words are misspelled in the Chinese version.Also, in Heart of Stone or Blood and Wine (I can’t remember), there’s a little girl NPC talking to her brother, “I want a sword!””I’m going to name it Needle!”Winter is coming!The man knew he was being pinched.The Chinese version is not translated like this at all.Finally, the Simplified Chinese translation is not without its problems, and it does have many flaws (which I find embarrassing when I play it myself).But look for a refined version.Is it better to translate the Witcher 3 into Simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese?