What kind of resentment makes a 15-year-old girl want to hire a murderer to kill her father?

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● Carry out a detailed social investigation to find out the family situation of Sun and the reasons for the crime.● Held a joint meeting of prosecutors, agreed that although Sun mou murder subjective deliberately vacillate, for the crime of the implementation of a certain preparatory behavior, but is still in the preparatory stage of the crime, do not have the legal interests of the real threat or harm the real possibility, the plot is significantly minor, not harm, does not constitute a crime.● Entrust a psychological consultant to carry out psychological counseling for Sun, assess whether there is a risk of suicide, self-injury and other risks, and carry out counseling and comfort for his long-term trauma of domestic violence.● Hold not to arrest admonitions meeting, sun’s deviation behavior and sun’s father’s home violence for admonitions education.● Entrust sun’s residence procuratorate, joint local women’s federation, neighborhood committee, police station to carry out family education and guidance for sun’s father’s domestic violence according to law.After nine years of non-prosecution work, Li Dongmei, deputy director of the First Procuratorial Department of wujiang District Procuratorate in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, handled more than 500 juvenile criminal cases. But when she took over sun’s intentional murder case, she was still shocked: what kind of resentment makes a 15-year-old girl want to hire a murderer to kill her own father?Sun, who lived with his grandparents in his hometown in northern China, returned to his parents who worked in a southern province at the age of seven and went to a boarding school from elementary school.In the eyes of his father Sun mou, Sun mou dawdle, sloppy, poor learning habits, father “hate iron does not become steel”, often criticized and scolded Sun Mou.In January 2020, Sun went on vacation to take online classes at home due to the epidemic, and his father clashed with Sun over trivial matters such as living habits and beat him several times.Son repeatedly asked his mother for help, but her mother ignored him.Feeling desperate and helpless, Son had the idea of killing his father.She chose to take the risk of hiring a murderer to kill her father in an attempt to get rid of her father.A man in Jiangsu ni saw Sun’s post and responded that he could pay 800,000 yuan for it.On February 17, Sun came to Wujiang District of Suzhou city to meet and negotiate with Ni.Sun mou because of unable to pay high commission, then discuss with Ni mou, plan to fabricate lies to pretend to be kidnapped, to the father Sun mou a ransom for 1 million yuan, and put forward if his father agreed to pay to give up the plan to kill.The two were caught in a hotel room planning how to use wechat accounts to send messages to Sun jia.In March 2020, the public security organ requested the Wujiang District Procuratorate of Suzhou city to examine and arrest Sun on suspicion of intentional homicide.This case, which occurred within a family, is of a very special nature.Years of experience in not checking work let Li Dongmei know that dealing with juvenile criminal cases, more important than the behavior is the “perpetrator”, to carry out detailed social investigation, find out the cause of the crime.To handle a good case, to save a family.In March 2020, Li Dongmei connected Sun’s grandparents, father and mother, who was about to give birth to their second child, through the Internet to learn about Sun’s growing experience and the cause of the conflict between father and daughter.Subsequently, after interrogation and review of evidence, Li Dongmei found out that Sun mou did not tell Ni his home address, his father’s life route, Ni mou also did not carry out reconnaissance, criminal tools, make a crime plan.In two people negotiation process, Ni mou has advised Sun mou to give up many times, return home and grandparents live together.Sohn was torn over whether he wanted to kill his father.She proposed to forge the false appearance of being kidnapped, to his father for ransom, more is to want to prove whether his father care about their own, whether bear to see their own bad people hurt.The offer was limited to the expression of intent stage and was not made to the father.Sun’s misstep this time is mainly due to the increasing trauma caused by his father’s long-term domestic violence, as well as the lack of good communication with his father, resulting in improper emotional management, wrong coping mode, cognitive and behavioral deviation.The court immediately held a joint meeting of prosecutors, after discussion, it was agreed that in this case, Sun mou had the intention of intentionally killing people, and carried out certain preparatory acts for the crime, but is still in the preparatory stage of criminal preparation, does not have the realistic possibility of causing a realistic threat to the legal interests or infringement;The subjective intention that Sun mou kills vacillates.The court that sun mou significant minor, harm is not serious, does not constitute a crime, to its does not approve the arrest, the public security organ also recognized the opinion of the procuratorial organ.Li Dongmei believes that Sun mou’s behavior is a critical criminal edge of serious bad behavior, if its lack of understanding of the harm of the behavior, the parent-child conflict to respond to the way does not change, parents do not correct the way, Sun mou again touch the law risk is very high.During the examination and arrest, Li Dongmei commissioned psychological consultants to conduct psychological counseling for Sun twice, assessing whether Sun has the risk of suicide, self-injury and other risks, and to ease and comfort the trauma of long-term domestic violence.In order to really save Sun mou and its family, the advance with sun mou family communication, Li Dongmei decided to hold a sun mou not approve arrest admonition meeting, to sun mou deviation behavior and sun mou father’s home violence for admonition education.”If you can’t channel your negative emotions correctly, you will have serious consequences.”Prosecutors, police to carry out admonitions on Sun mou education, to help them understand the social harm that behavior may cause, to explain the correct way to help domestic violence, guide its correct handling of negative emotions, establish law-abiding consciousness.”You as sun mou’s guardian, the implementation of domestic violence to its many times, to its physical, mental trauma, to its this illegal behavior can not shirk the responsibility!”At the meeting, the prosecutor through video link, synchronous sun jia lectured, to clarify the legal consequences of domestic violence should be borne, urging them to change the way of education, correctly perform the duty of guardianship.”I accept all the lessons and deeply regret the way I have taught my daughter all these years. I promise to make amends and take actions to earn her forgiveness.”She told her daughter that she regretted her impulse.”Through this ceremony, Son has survived the first major psychological crisis in his life.”Present psychological consultant Deng Yan teacher said.In order to avoid the recurrence of domestic violence, Wujiang District Procuratorate actively carried out coordination in different places, entrusted the procuratorate where Sun lived, combined with the local women’s federation, neighborhood committees, police stations to carry out warnings and parenting education on sun’s father’s domestic violence in accordance with the law.Li Dongmei continues to track sun and her family through wechat and phone to provide family education and guidance resources.At present, the relationship between Sun and his father has been significantly improved, his academic performance is good, and the family atmosphere is more harmonious.After the case, Li dongmei is still thinking and exploring what more prosecutors can do for the families of such children.When communicating with the parents of juvenile suspects, the parents confided to her most frequently that they did not know how to communicate with their children and could not control their children…To address these problems, with the support of the Party Group of Wujiang District Procuratorate, Li Dongmei has actively introduced professional judicial social workers since May 2020 to carry out precise help and education for minors involved in crimes, urging them not to arrest, not to prosecute admonitions and urging the full coverage of custody orders.We provided precise guidance to 32 parents of minors involved in crimes, invited family education experts to conduct a series of training sessions for parents’ supportive growth groups, and helped solve the pain points of family education.(Guan Ying and Shen Shuping, Procuratorial Daily)