Zhou Junping supervised and inspected the work of police stations on duty, security and epidemic prevention and control during the holiday

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On February 4, Chinese New Year 4, deputy district, secretary of the party committee, director of the public security bureau bakeries jun-ping zhou led supervision brigade and police security room, head of the comrades, the police on duty BeiQin joint logistics security and epidemic ZhaKong point work the supervision and inspection to the holiday period to the auxiliary police a line of people with jobs holiday sympathy and New Year blessing.Two police station in pastoral care, ma street, jun-ping zhou ask for details of the district public security situation during the festival, JieChuJing, security work to carry out the auxiliary police, people life security, and so on and so forth, he asked the police station to according to the bureau unified arrangement about the safe and stable work during the Spring Festival, strictly implement the main leadership shift and 24 hours on duty BeiQin and first-class service system,Make sure there are enough police to deal with any emergencies.We should make reasonable arrangements and adjustments to the life of the civilian auxiliary police during the festival, so that the comrades on duty can eat well and feel the warmth and peace of mind of their work during the festival.Attention should be paid to receive the masses of every alarm and rescue phone, timely police, quick disposal, to ensure the peace and stability of the area.To strengthen the area of the key departments, key areas of the patrol prevention, timely detection, prevention of all kinds of unsafe problems.We should base ourselves on serving the masses, think about what the masses think, and effectively solve the urgent affairs and difficulties of the masses during the festival.In shangluo and epidemic prevention and control of joint logistics ZhaKong points, jun-ping zhou asked for the festive season logistic ZhaKong work situation, he ordered that the auxiliary police on duty people shoot relaxation for epidemic prevention and control work, conscientiously carry on epidemic prevention and control responsibility, according to the municipal, district and the arrangement of the substation, shifts, promote good style, adherence to financial discipline, establish a good image,Work closely with the town office and traffic police to carry out the investigation and control of vehicles and personnel from outside the town, and effectively build a solid natural barrier to guard the “door” of epidemic prevention and control in Shangzhou.