26 “Recommendation” : valvec v Twente, analysis + forecast

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Anwar wake vs. fc twente 21-22 Dutch game time (Beijing time) : 2022-02-26 03:00:00 00 02, 03 PM Saturday Beijing time points, 21-24 of 22 the eredivisie league game, fc twente to Mr Mark stadium and anwar wake battle.Valvek recent offensive and defensive imbalance trend is more distinct, this round of the face of Twente, the home team may not be able to protect the goal.1, same as last season, anwar wake this season in the league are very unbalanced situation is still outstanding, 23 games down, they just scored 25 goals, and the defence to concede is up to 37, now in the championship, they ranked 13th, in the case of game more round, just outside the relegation zone leading team four points, has a lot of relegation pressure.Five major leagues, Champions League, World Cup, NBA:https://www.oub279.com:35531/register/?i_code=42839542, in the round and nec nijmegen after shaking hands, anwar wake consecutive 4 round there, the one and losing 3 melee result is difficult to satisfactory.Fc Twente have a strong history in the Bundesliga. They have been balanced in attack and defence this season, with 12 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses after 23 games, ranking fifth in the standings with 42 points.2, in the last 10 meetings with Valvek, Twente won 3, 3 draws and 4 losses, a little bit behind the record.According to the data, for this game, Asian data out is the visitors to draw half of the data, north single side, the current home team data is also in a higher range, both trends of valvek to win formed a little resistance, obviously on the away battle twente more optimistic.Twente are good away from home, with four wins, a draw and a loss in the last six games.And the home team Valvek is in the recent home two consecutive losses in the embarrassing situation, two games down, the team did not score a goal, offensive weakness.Combined with the data provided by the zero-point bar score and the above analysis, the odds are high that Twente will come out on top.The deadline for all the above items is 11:08 on February 25, 2021