By wife domestic violence, monthly 200 yuan pocket money, adhere to 9 years after the divorce is still reluctant to give up, figure what?

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By wife domestic violence, monthly 200 yuan pocket money, adhere to 9 years after the divorce is still reluctant to give up, figure what?Don’t say the world is suffering, are children, are husband and wife.But in this world, the so-called fairness is only built on the point of relative balance between each other, once out of balance, it is disaster.Liu Kai was born in an ordinary family in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1984. He was the treasure of his parents since childhood, but happiness was always short-lived. When Liu Kai was four years old, his mother was strong in character, and finally they divorced.Since then, Liu has lived with his mother.According to years of observation, all boys brought up by their mothers are more or less weak in character, and Liu Kai is no exception. His academic performance is average and his character is weak. Liu Kai was often bullied by classmates at school, but he always chose to put up with it.This kind of life lasted until he graduated from high school. Fed up with school life, Liu Kai would not go back to school any more. His mother also thought that he could learn a trade to make a living in the future because he could not study well anyway.After graduating from high school, Liu Kai learned to repair cars with his uncle. Although he did not learn well, he was very talented in repairing cars. He soon became a proud disciple of his uncle.Liu Kai liked the girl very much and soon fell in love with her.They dated for more than a year and got married when Liu was 25.Marriage can change a man a lot, Liu Kai is no exception, since they got married, his wife would not let him to uncle’s repair shop work, think to uncle’s work, and not much money, later in his wife’s instigated, Liu Kai asked his mother and uncle to borrow more than two hundred thousand, and then opened a repair shop.Liu Kai, who had set up a separate house, could have lived a good life, but his wife liked to manage money. In order to please his wife, Liu Kai listened to her everything, because he thought everything she said was reasonable.The couple were planning to have a child, and she told Liu to give up smoking and drinking altogether, which he did.In order to buy a house, the couple lived frugally. Since 2010, Liu’s pocket money has been only 200 yuan a month, but he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Now he doesn’t smoke, drink or go to social parties, and 200 yuan is enough.But who can imagine, since the wife gave birth to the child, temperament changed greatly, easily to Liu Kai beat and scold, Liu Kai to see the face of the children choose to endure, unexpectedly, the wife is more and more excessive, even do not let Liu Kai live at home.In order not to make his wife angry, Liu Kai lived in a repair shop. Many people began to laugh at Liu Kai for being weak and henpecked, but Liu Kai just smiled and said, “You don’t understand!”There was little need for persuasion.Liu Kai knew in his heart that maybe he had made his wife behave like this, but hadn’t he caused all this by himself?In 2008, liu resistance for the first time, a big fight with his wife, thought like this in the past, but in the middle of the night, garage door was knocked on, whose car broke down, liu thought is just open the door, but he didn’t know that at this time his wife anger zhongtian, see liu, word, is a play, often say good male with female,So does Liu Kai.Repeatedly dodging, but finally his wife picked up a wrench, toward his head, Liu Kai blocked with his hand, but because of this block, his arm was broken by his wife.His wife left after the attack, but Liu Kai, in great pain, called his friend to take him to the hospital.During the ten days in the hospital, his wife did not come to visit him once, and his friend could not stand it any longer, so he persuaded him to divorce. Liu Kai also knew that there was no point in going on like this, and divorce would happen sooner or later.Two months later, Liu regained the use of his arms and formally asked his wife for a divorce, but she refused. His mother intervened and the marriage was annulled by a court ruling.But after the divorce, Liu Kai was very sorry, because he did not want to give up the children, his wife took away all the savings at home, leaving only a repair shop, friends said, almost got, at least have this stall, make a living is not a problem, be strong, do an indomitable man.