Diabetic can’t eat steamed bread?What you really shouldn’t eat, or these 4 foods, doctors warn

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According to relevant statistics, the total number of diabetes patients in China has reached 120 million, and the incidence rate of adult diabetes has risen to 26%, equivalent to 2 out of 10 people suffering from diabetes symptoms. This chronic metabolic disease is also known as the disease of affluence, which seriously affects people’s normal life.For the optimization of the metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar important reason is caused by a lack of insulin secretion in the body, or in the presence of defects caused by biological function is impaired, the body long exist in the internal environment of blood glucose, organs for the kidney, liver, has certain chronic damage blood vessels, treat such chronic metabolic disease is the best way to control their diet,Take medicine regularly.Once the blood sugar in the body rises, people avoid food and reduce their intake of food with too high carbohydrate. Therefore, steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun and noodles have become the food rejected by diabetics. Can’t diabetic patients eat steamed bread?This has become a question that people question, through this article to understand the medical knowledge of blood sugar.Can diabetic patients not eat steamed bread?Post is part of the Internet can’t eat steamed bread in diabetic patients, cause this is one of the important reasons is steamed bread is contained in the starch content, after enters the body, under the influence of by the mouth saliva amylase into sugar, for diabetes patients against the consumption of glycogen, oneself diabetes really can’t eat steamed bread?Doctors have a certain answer to this: diabetics can eat steamed bread.Steamed bread in its production process with wheat flour as the main raw material, through a certain amount of fermentation and steaming and made of steamed bread, the northern people every meal every day without steamed bread, steamed bread intake into the human body has a certain sense of satiation, timely supplement the lack of energy materials, better promote the body operation.In patients with diabetes usually pays attention to oneself life of steamed bread, for their own blood sugar value does not have influence, try to choose some coarse type when buying steamed bread, sugar content reduced in this kind of steamed bread, the better the stability of the disease itself, after the intake of the human body into too much sugar does not affect their blood sugar levels,In the usual control of their own glycemic index at the same time, but also to control their own calorie intake, to avoid unreasonable nutrition collocation aggravate their own conditions.Diabetes patients must consult the doctor’s advice when eating at ordinary times. They should not blindly listen to external rumors, which affects their nutrient intake and is not conducive to their disease recovery.02 Doctors remind: really can not eat, or these 4 things first:High sweet food diabetes induced by many kinds of reasons, their body quality, genetic and dietary habits lead to induce the disease, an important cause of their blood glucose is the body takes in too much sugar, sugar after enters the body, not digest, which translates into certain glucose deposition in the blood vessels parts of the body,With the circulation of blood, there is a certain sense of pressure, which leads to the elevation of blood sugar in a short time.For sweets with too much sugar in daily life, we must avoid them. In the process of making them, a large amount of sugar and saccharin are added to meet people’s taste needs, which seriously affects their blood circulation speed and is not conducive to health.Second: spicy food the current diet of contemporary people adhere to the behavior of neither spicy nor happy, spicy food stimulates their gastrointestinal tract and leads to a great increase in appetite, but if they eat spicy food for a long time, it will affect their gastric acid secretion, which has a certain impact on intestinal health, stomach health and blood vessel health.Spicy food intake has a certain irritant effect on blood vessels, accelerating the blood circulation in the body, resulting in the continuous increase of growth hormone when it flows to the islet, which brings unstable effects to the blood glucose index and seriously affects the recovery of their own condition.Third: Fried food this kind of food in the process of its production by a certain high temperature frying, generated a lot of oil, lipid, often eat this kind of food is the important cause leading to the the body induced by chronic metabolic disease, some businessmen in order to earn a certain interests, juicing food oil is also used by repeated use, serious impact on their health status.It is suggested that people should eat less fried food in daily life. If they eat such food for a long time, it will not only affect their blood lipid health, but also hinder their blood glucose metabolism, aggravate their blood glucose condition and lead to their obesity.Fourth: processed foods, some people in order to reduce their own life pressure, often use some of the processed foods, such as sausages, instant noodles, pasta, etc., although the taste is very simple and quick, but it brought certain influence to the body, if long-term intake of such food cause their single nutrients, is not conducive to the body.This kind of food is added with certain food additives in its production process, which affects the metabolic function of the body after ingestion, and has certain influence on the stability of blood sugar, which is not good for health.03 extends – want to fall blood sugar, might as well eat this 2 item 1. Konjac konjac because of its taste was warmly welcomed by the people, the molecular weight of konjac for own peristalsis of energy has improved, and the viscosity is too high for their bacteria have certain adsorption effect, better to avoid the induced gastrointestinal disease,In particular, raisin polysaccharide has a certain dilution effect on its own sugar, which can better promote the excretion of excess sugar in the body and avoid the increase of blood sugar. It is suggested that people eat konjac more in daily life to supplement the nutrients lacking in the body and stabilize their own conditions.2. Bitter melon traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to bitter melon cold, bitter taste, for their inflammation has a certain elimination effect, better achieve the effect of liver qingming, modern medicine shows that the crude extract of bitter melon has a certain promotion of secretion of their islets, achieve the effect of reducing blood sugar.Do you have any better ways to lower your blood sugar when your blood sugar is high?What should be added to the diet of patients with hyperglycemia?Share them in the comments section below.Healthy New Year