Most of the weather is still dry today, pay attention to fire and electricity safety

2022-05-24 0 By

China Weather network guangxi station news today (9) morning sunshine as scheduled, 08 o ‘clock in most of the region 14 ~ 20℃.It is expected to be mainly cloudy to sunny throughout the day and evening, with some scattered light rain in Baise.Remind the public, the recent guangxi forest fire risk meteorological level is very high, everyone in the forest area should ban all fire sources, at home should also pay attention to the use of fire and electricity safety.Guangxi meteorological station 9 at 5 o ‘clock issued a forecast: Marine weather forecast beibu Gulf sea: today to 10 days, cloudy to clear, easterly 4 ~ 5 level;The 11th, cloudy to clear, south wind 4 ~ 5.Land weather forecast for today and tonight, cloudy to clear, baise city scattered light rain.10-11, the region cloudy to sunny, including scattered light rain in northwest Guangxi.Nanning: during the day to this evening, sunny and cloudy, south wind level 1 ~ 2, the highest temperature of 31℃, the lowest temperature of 18℃.(Editing by Cao Yujia)