Through the crisis?It is rumored that the new financial owner of Guangzhou football has started recruiting for next season

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Recently, GFC released a recruitment notice for global football management talents on a recruitment website.As soon as the news came out, the football circle was boiling again. Many netizens speculated that the move of Guangzhou Medicine meant that guangzhou medicine and Guangzhou football had once again entered the stage of practical operation., after all, the broad medicine has declared intent to guangzhou football again, “by the world’s biggest football sports, promote to the world of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the development of football, make contributions to construction of guangzhou and sports city”, but “not too specific measures”, just said “the next football will be combined with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) depth again”.Wang Laoji, a subsidiary of GFC, also launched a vote on Weibo to solicit netizens’ opinions on whether GFC should take over “Guangzhou Team” or “Guangzhou City Team” if they were lucky enough to get back together again, attracting tens of thousands of participants in just a few days.This global recruitment of GFC can be said to be a response to the previous speeches, which further confirms the sincerity of GFC and Guangzhou Football.Fully support football, “let professional people do professional things” have to say, Guangzhou medicine for this recruitment can be said to be “the cost”.Small make up notice, the broad medicine group at 50 ~ 600000 annual salary high salary to employ worldwide football management personnel, the pay compared with other job recruitment for a broad medicine group is “paid”, such as nanning and xi ‘an subsidiary, part of the company’s sales director, general manager of recruitment, salary is 450000 yuan to 600000 yuan, visible medicine to the attention of the football management positions.As mentioned in the recruitment notice, “let professional people do professional things”, THE conditions of the recruitment of GUANGZHOU Pharmaceutical fully consider the current needs of Guangzhou football and set out.Candidates should have more than 5 years of professional football club management experience, with five major European leagues, CSL, J-League, K-League and other clubs management experience is preferred.In addition, applicants are required to have the ability to speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. Some netizens speculate that this may be the direction of the introduction of foreign football players in Guangzhou after the takeover of guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group.From the recruitment requirements and responsibilities, the goal of GFC is to build a high-quality management team that can meet the needs of modern football management, and promote the faster, stronger and more professional development of Guangzhou football industry.According to the timeline, the recruitment started on January 16, and it is hoped that the candidate will be confirmed by March 31.It is understood that the first leg of the 2022 Chinese Super League will start in April.Guangzhou Pharmaceutical at this time to recruit, perhaps for the next season guangzhou football to restore the former glory to prepare.Two-way win-win, football empowerment “fashion Chinese medicine” new development is worth mentioning, although the current predicament, but the foundation of several teams in Guangzhou is quite good!Guangzhou City’s Han Jiaqi, Guangzhou’s Jiang Guangtai, Luo Guofu and Yan Dinghao have been shortlisted for the 2021 China Golden Ball Award, while two other Guangzhou players ling Jie and Wu Shaocong have also been shortlisted for the 2021 China Golden Boy Award, according to the 5th China Golden Ball Award selection.In the first training session of China National Men’s Football Team in 2022, a total of 10 people including Deng Hanwen were selected on behalf of Guangzhou football team, which shows that Guangzhou football strength is still very strong!Now Guangzhou football, if combined with the support of GUANGZHOU Pharmaceutical Group, to a large extent can help Guangzhou football out of the dilemma, again in the Chinese Super League competition!After all, as the world’s first Chinese medicine as the main landing wide world 500 strong medicine group, has a listed company and nearly 30 member companies, including 12 finalists for traditional Chinese medicine, there are 10 enterprises more than one hundred years of history, number occupies the national pharmaceutical industry old half, the strength and the development prospect is there for all to see!In recent years, GFC has actively implemented the development path of “fashion Chinese medicine”, and cooperated with multiple industries to provide people with a new healthy lifestyle and “GFC solution” for the construction of healthy China.WLK, the core enterprise of its big health industry sector, has maintained rapid growth in revenue and profits for many years. Now, it has been listed on the hot search list for many times by virtue of the spread of family name Canji culture.At the same time, as a state-owned enterprises have the responsibility to bear, wide medicine wang ji has been carrying out about poverty crucial deployment, rural revitalization of industry, in 2018, the broad medicine wang ji support in the form of “hematopoiesis” guizhou thorn pear industry development, create a has the characteristics of wide drug consumption + industry features support for poverty alleviation industrial chain.Again in the near future, using the successful experience, in view of the guangdong lychee industry development, to develop a “small li ji” series of products, the broad medicine group chairman Li Chuyuan said, “small li ji” and wang ji, ning ji “auspicious sambo” that make up the broad medicine group, hope to inject new litchi industry development as kinetic energy and extend the lychee consumption cycle, cultivating litchi processed products consumer market,Help revitalize Rural Guangdong!Coincides with guangzhou world sports city “construction” is put forward, at the same time, the broad medicine injection for guangzhou football power, can let the brand can spread by football for the “auspicious culture” fu, also can provide powerful support for guangzhou city construction of sports, it can be said that the broad medicine and guangzhou football this time, is the brand and the fans want to see a win-win situation!We will continue to pay attention to when GFC officially announces its return to football.