22011 chuanzu personal thought analysis

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In this period, the four major leagues will be the main ones. Next week, some strong teams and big teams in each league will have to participate in the European games, so there is a great possibility that they will be distracted, and their state may be up and down, which needs to be treated carefully.Watch the game tonight, tomorrow weekend 012 will not analyze, tomorrow afternoon if free to sort out the injury situation of each team, no time to see next week.A one-sided words, the initial view, can not be comprehensive, also can not be completely correct, time is still early, may change, please be rational and careful reference.Red and black do not blame spray.Images from networks such as tort link delete 01 brent vs crystal palace with the deepening of the season, newly promoted brent has gradually into the weakness of the slowly, at present only six points above the relegation zone, and it is the middle and lower reaches of the team play rounds up to the team, but they may fall into the relegation zone, there has been a great relegation pressure, nearly five rounds of league defeats,In the past five rounds, I have lost 14 goals and only scored 3 goals. The problems in both sides of offense and defense are not small. In the last 11 rounds, I only won 2 wins and lost the edge at the beginning of the season.Crystal Palace on the round of the promotion of Norwich, four rounds of league defeat, nearly 12 rounds only two wins, the state is not good, this season’s away force is also insufficient, 11 games only one win, this victory is very dazzling, won the top team Manchester City, scored 11 goals and lost 20 goals, away defense hidden danger is not small.At present, only 8 points above the relegation zone, there is a certain relegation pressure.Crystal Palace, who have always defended and defended against strong teams, are relatively weak in the face of promotion. If they defend and attack to get a point, they will attack and try to get all three points.The same should be true of Brent.Win and lose.Everton manager David Beckham has stepped down from his post and Alan LAN has been in charge for the last two games of the season, winning the FA Cup and losing in the last round of the league.Although only two points above the relegation zone, there is relegation pressure, but with the thickness of everton squad believe that relegation is not a problem.This season’s home battle force relative can also 10 battles to get 4 wins, 15 goals lost 17 goals, is a certain offensive scoring ability, the defense line has a certain hidden trouble, to see whether LAN 8 can improve everton’s defense line problems.Leeds are six points above the relegation zone and are under pressure to avoid relegation.Leeds were beaten twice in the premiership after a big draw at Aston Villa. This season Leeds have been almost beaten and often beaten, their only highlight being a win over top side West Ham.Meet middle and lower teams are not afraid to be able to arm.This field individual sees orchid 8 takes office league first home to either wear dish big win, or continue to lose, draw for orchid 8 significance is not very big.Single main win, double points win.Watford have won only two games in the last 17 premier league games, ranieri has been sacked, and huo Taigong has been appointed, leading the club to two games, one draw and one defeat.Currently deep in the relegation zone, relegation pressure is huge.This season, the offensive scoring ability is the third least in the league, the number of defensive goals is the third most in the league, and the offensive and defensive system is weak.See huo Taigong can improve the hornets offensive and defensive ends.Brighton have lost only four league games and drawn 12, masters of draws.It’s not easy to beat Brighton this season, and it’s not easy to beat Brighton either.This season, the guest only 1 defeat in 11 games, scored 13 goals and conceded 12, scoring ability is insufficient, or relatively sound defense.Brighton are still going away unbeaten.Norwich city are in the relegation zone, but only one point away from safety, unbeaten in the last three games of the league, showing a strong desire to avoid relegation, the FA cup also knocked out Wolves to reach the last 16, state back 䁔.Manchester City have been on a run this season, and their nine-point lead over second-placed Liverpool is far from assured.But three days later next week they travel to Portugal for the Champions League, which is the focus of the season.The lineup should be adjusted rotation.Although City’s bench is deep, this time against relegation, the rotation of players may be underestimated.Remember we lost 3-2 away to Norwich in 1920-20.Is city in the same rut again?Individuals should be difficult to see, individuals want to prevent a flat, go undefeated.A small guest wins.In the last round, Monxing drew with Bilevel, losing in four rounds of the league, winning only one victory in the last 10 rounds of the league, and in a low state, it is said that Monxing is always a team that can not be ignored in the Bundesliga, so low state, there may be some unknown situation in the team.At present, only one point higher than the opponents in the relegation zone, accidentally may fall into the relegation zone, is a certain relegation pressure.But with the thickness of the menxing squad should avoid relegation no problem, other pursuit should be difficult.This season, the home game is relatively good, the home game is weak, 16 goals lost 17 goals in 10 games, is a certain offensive firepower, but the home game is tied for the third most goals, hidden danger of the defense.Augsburg bounced back from a five – round win at home to United Berlin.Although this season of augsburg is currently in the relegation zone, but nerve attribute, so far only five league win this season, including three victories are hierarchical premiership team which also strong victory over bayern Munich, Frankfurt, double flat also flat in leipzig, first leg win over local rivals also (door xing also should calculate a giants) encounter strong or very resilient.Only one win in 11 away games this season, scoring 7 goals and losing 19.Although the guest game is not good, but menxing this season problems are not small, personally see augsburg to avoid relegation has a great probability to take advantage of the opportunity, there may be a double season menxing.Guard against cold guests.Win and lose.FJF v Wolff Eintracht bounced back with a third-round win over Stuttgart.With 31 points, he is one point away from the Europa League and three points from the Champions League, and is a strong contender for European qualification.This season, the main team is weak and the client is strong. Only 3 wins in 10 home games, but only 3 defeats, the unbeaten rate is still good. I have watched several games in Frankfurt this season, and my tenacity is quite good.He has scored 14 goals and conceded 13 at home this season.Wolff’s form has dropped a lot this season, he is only two points above the relegation zone, he is in a slump, it is also possible that the team has some situation, wolff’s strength is not reduced to relegation ah, and now really fighting for relegation, it should not be.This season, the guest has scored 9 goals in 10 games and conceded 18 goals.Nearly 13 rounds only in the last round to win the promotion of Muffite, difficult to say the gold content.This field individual see now wolff is not sought after, personally want to win.Conditions for stability and leveling.07 Feirte vs Hertha promoted vice squad leader Feirte currently only take 10 points, 12 points from the safety zone, more than 13 rounds of the league, four games away from the distance, hope to win, but also hope that the front several teams often off the chain, difficult oh, should be booked a relegation place.Two wins in 21 rounds this season, scoring 18 and conceding 56.So both ends of the relegation talk?But this season’s home offensive and defensive relative is still ok, conceding not many goals, only 16, less than the league second dortland.There’s also a certain amount of presentation on defense.Hertha drew with Bochum in the last round, winning four times in the league, winning only two times in the last 12 rounds and winning five times away from home.I’m in pretty good shape, too.This season, only 2 wins in 10 away games, 8 goals and 26 goals lost, weak attack, porous defense, the league away didible second team.In terms of the host and guest situation and state of the two teams, the winners and losers.Freiburg VS Mainz Freiburg are in the Europa league, one point behind the Champions League, with a win on the cards.Because this round is in the Champions League Berlin union is facing Dortmund, the probability of victory.Freiburg has been good at home this season, with only two defeats in 10 games, scoring 17 goals and conceding 11.Mainz is currently 30 points, only two points behind the Euro zone, is a chance to fight for a European qualification.This season, the main team is strong and the guest team is weak, the guest team is weak, only 2 wins in 10 games, and the remaining 8 games are all lost, 9 goals and 18 goals, the attack is weak, the defense is quite unstable, Mainz last season through the last few difficult relegation, Freiburg’s contribution is not small, but sent 6 points.Although mainz have a chance to qualify for Europe, with their line-up in a two-tier battle should be difficult to deal with, but relegation should be safe.Now freiburg needs something will not send three points.Apart from external factors, Mainz guest battle force is insufficient, Freiburg main battle force or can, and can compete for the Champions League qualification, dynamic war meaning is obviously more sufficient, and this season freiburg but have certain ideas, personal is directly to the main victory, not to defend.Conditionally want to guard against discretion.09 Bochum v Bayern not much to say here.Individual visitors win.Even if Bayern have a Champions League game next week, five days later, it should be manageable.There are conditions to defend a draw, after all, Bochum are very good at defending at home, conceding only 8 goals, the second fewest in the league.Lovao are currently in the Champions League, but only five points above them. That’s not to say they can secure their place in the champions League.Recently, the league has been unbeaten in four rounds and won three in a row, which swept away the haze of five rounds of unbeaten matches in the previous period, especially the victory in the last round of the guest game against Dortdort. The morale has been improved. Recently, the firepower has been fully opened, scoring 16 goals in four rounds, but also lost 6 goals.Stuttgart has lost three in a row in six league games and is Mired in the relegation zone. This season, Stuttgart has lost only one win in 10 games, scoring 6 goals and losing 15.Stuttgart’s current slump should be difficult to stop bayer Leverkusen’s hot form.Primary wins.Napoli are one point behind the nerazzurri with a game to go top of the table.The league has been unbeaten in the last five rounds and has won three consecutive wins. The state is warming up. This season, the home game is full of strength, scoring 22 goals in 12 games and only losing 8 goals.Luciano Spalletti has been successful in charge of Napoli so far this season.Inter are at the top of the table with a one-point advantage in one round of matches, and the initiative to win the title will be completely in their own hands, and there can be a certain error tolerance rate in the future.Both teams are in Europe next week and napoli’s Europa league play-off against Barcelona five days later is relatively unimportant as to where napoli will go in the competition.Four days later, Inter take on Premier League giants Liverpool in the Champions League, which is a difficult game and the importance of the champions League for inter is self-evident.Inter are likely to change their squad.Napoli should have a chance at home.A tie.He who fights against each other wins.This is a difficult game.Turin lost in the last round of the away game to The U and lost in the second round of the league, which has caused a decline in their form. This season, the main team is strong and the home team is weak, ranking in the top three in the league. They have only two defeats in 12 games, scored 24 goals and lost 11.Currently 32 points, avoid relegation should be easy to state, only seven points behind the war zone, more than 15 rounds, theory and have the opportunity to fight for champions league qualification, but must be devastating and look forward to at least five teams are away in front of the chain, has the certain difficulty, avoid relegation should be easy, difficult in Turin last season and avoid relegation, relegation this season all cases, the Turin follow-up schedule can pay attention to him also.Promoted Mavenis league nearly 10 rounds of consecutive defeats, the state is low, this season away from 11 games only win 2, scored 7 goals and lost 19 goals, weak attack and defense.Currently in the relegation zone, relegation pressure, but only 2 points from the safety zone, is very hopeful to avoid relegation.First refers to the Lord let a ball, concession is too big, this season Venice in the hemisphere above the index but burst several cold, personal feeling this field has the probability of cold.Individual is to want to prevent a guest to win cold, as for everyone how to prevent, prevent and not prevent, benevolence discretion.Villa vs Real Madrid huang Qian beat Betis in the last round of the champions League, marking the second consecutive win of the league, the last eight rounds of the league has only one defeat 6 wins, the first half of the season is not stable, the current form of recovery.Poor away games this season, but the home record is good, only 2 defeats in 12 games, 29 goals conceded 13, attack and defense is good.Currently in the European zone, three points away from the Champions League, is very hopeful for the champions League places.Real Madrid are six points clear at the top of the table, not a huge lead to be taken lightly.This season has been relatively stable.Real Madrid have traditionally been good at facing strong teams and tend to lose points in the lower middle.Real Madrid has lost only 2 of 20 matches in the league since 11 years ago, and is unbeaten in the last 8 matches, taking a big psychological advantage.Real Madrid travel to Paris four days later in the Champions League, this game is also likely to adjust the lineup.Villa are in contention for a champions league spot with three points at home.Let’s split the score.David Villa could claim his first victory over Real Madrid in four seasons.Atletico Madrid VS Getafe.Atletico are out of the Champions League in 11 days’ time.Getaferg have not won so far and should not be looking for their first away win.Trust atletico in their fight for Champions League qualification and trust him this time.The individual wins.Conditional do not believe that he should be stable and flat.Let’s call it a day. Good luck to the old guys.