A 70-year-old woman tells the truth: Although I live in my son’s home for the aged, I leave all my property to my daughter

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Preface: there is an unwritten rule on the society, that is, who gives the old man endowment, the old man’s property belongs to who.After all, children for the elderly care the most hard, pay the most, other members of the family, will be understanding and support.However, zhang, 70, said that although she had stayed with her son for years, she was unwilling to leave her property to him.She has privately to the notary office to do a will, after her hundred years, all her property to her daughter, not a cent to her son.What’s going on here?Listen to Aunt Zhang.Aunt Zhang: I’m seventy years old and I have a son and a daughter.My wife died of illness when the children were very young, and I brought them up on my own.The first half of my life was very hard. I worked every day to keep my children fed and clothed.In order to earn more money, I do part-time jobs in addition to doing my own job.It’s a hard job, but it pays well.I earn several times more every month in my spare time as a part-time worker than I do at my day job.Because I am diligent and reliable, many clients come to me to do part-time work. My spare time is always full and I feel that THERE is not enough time every day.Every year during the Spring Festival, it is a good day for me to earn a lot of money. As long as I can earn money, I will not rest during the Spring Festival.Through years of hard work, I finally saved a lot of money.I bought a wedding house for my son and happily married my daughter-in-law into the house.The next year my daughter was married, and I was to give her a dowry of two hundred thousand dollars.Sensible daughter do not want my money, she said my money is not easy to earn, let me keep the money for retirement.My daughter did not want my money, so I had to save it for her until she needed it.I went into retirement at the age of 50. After retirement, I worked every day and continued to earn money by the hour.When I was 55 years old, my grandson was born. My son refused to let me continue working as a part-time worker and asked me to take care of the child in his home.I don’t want to take care of my grandchildren. I want to continue to earn money by the hour, but my son and daughter-in-law keep persuading me that if I help them bring up their children, they will treat me well and let me stay in their home for old age.I felt alone and really dependent on my son in my old age, so I stopped working as a part-time worker and moved into my son’s home, where I devoted myself to helping with my grandson.When I first went to my son’s home, the young couple were very kind to me. They asked me how I was doing every day and asked me to take it easy and not strain myself.Although I do all the housework myself and my son and daughter-in-law do not help, I am willing to give as long as they show verbal concern for me.As the days went by, I found my son and daughter-in-law took me more and more for granted.My son and daughter-in-law would bring me a cup of tea and ask me what was wrong when I was lying in my room, tired from work.Now even if I am so tired that my back and legs ache and I can’t stand up straight, they ignore me and even think THAT I want to avoid doing housework, so I will deliberately pretend to be sick.In my son’s house, I not only have to take care of the grandchildren, do all the housework, but also have to look at the daughter-in-law’s face.I like to eat vegetables, and occasionally I will make more vegetables. At this time, my daughter-in-law will say that my food is like feeding rabbits, and it is hard to eat.My son and daughter-in-law are very picky about my cooking, but they won’t give me a penny for living expenses.My monthly pension of more than three thousand yuan is all spent on my son’s family of three.Not only were they ungrateful, they said I deserved to spend money on them.What my son and daughter-in-law said chilled me. Even my 15-year-old grandson had been taught to be as mean as they were.He often asks me for money, and if I don’t give it, he tells me I’m a bad grandma.One of the words my grandson often says is: “You are my grandmother, so you must give me money. No matter how much money you give me, you should do it.”I feel very disappointed that my grandson has been taught so poorly by his son and daughter-in-law.The year before last, when I was doing some cleaning at home, I accidentally broke my leg. I lay at home for a hundred days before slowly recovering and being able to walk freely out of bed.During my one hundred days in bed, my son and daughter-in-law did not take care of me a single day, citing work as the reason.They told me to call my daughter and have her pick me up.The daughter has no formal job and has been doing odd jobs for years to make ends meet. The family’s financial support mainly depends on her son-in-law’s income.I don’t want to call my daughter and tell her she’s not well off and I don’t want to give her a hard time.When my son heard this, he looked at me fiercely and said, “You are so eccentric. You only love your daughter, but you don’t love my son at all. I have to go to work every day.In spite of my objections, my son insisted on calling my daughter and asked her to come as soon as possible.When my daughter heard that I had broken my leg, she and her son-in-law rushed over to visit me.As soon as my daughter got home, my son asked her to take me home and take care of me.I think my son is just lying. He knows that my daughter’s home is too small for me to live in, but he makes such unreasonable demands.When my daughter and son-in-law got married, they only bought a one-bedroom apartment because they didn’t have enough money.The daughter and son-in-law had the only bedroom, while the granddaughter slept in the living room.There’s no room in the house if I go.After a long discussion, my daughter and my son-in-law finally decided that my daughter would come to live with me until I was well enough to move back to her own home.My son-in-law, a reasonable boy, agreed to the plan without a second word.In order to take care of me, my daughter quit the part-time job, wholeheartedly to stay by my side, carefully wait on me.My daughter not only takes care of my food, drink and poop, but also keeps my son’s house in order and cooks three meals a day for the whole family.The son and daughter-in-law enjoy the fruits of their daughter’s labor without feeling grateful.Even the daughter pays for the groceries, and the son and daughter-in-law eat sumptuous meals every day without spending a cent.I love my daughter dearly and ask her to spend my retirement savings account.Daughter is particularly sensible, she let me put their own money well saved, said my hand has enough money, will live more emboldened.My daughter told me not to worry about her, she said her life is not well-off, but enough to sustain life.As long as I live my life well, she’ll be happy.”A hundred days.”After a hundred days in bed, I was finally able to get up and walk.My daughter finished taking care of me and returned to her own home.When AT last I was able to go downstairs and walk out into the street, the first thing I did was to go to the notary’s office and make a will: after my hundred years, all my property and savings under my name will be left to my daughter, and not a penny to my son.I used to spend every penny of my retirement money every month to provide the best material life for my son and my family.In the future, I will not only gradually reduce the economic contribution of my son and the family of three, but also try to save as much money as possible for myself for a rainy day in my old age.I decided to do this because I found it impossible to rely on my son for retirement.Since my son is unreliable, I need to save as much as POSSIBLE so that I can afford to pay for retirement services when I become too old to move.If my daughter is willing to give me retirement, I will sell my real estate, daughter and son-in-law to exchange a bigger house, the old and the young three generations happily live together.Conclusion: In the traditional concept, raising children is for old age.When the son grows up, he takes care of the old man, and when the old man is a hundred years old, the son inherits his property.The daughter had no right to inherit the property because she had not provided for the old man.However, Aunt Zhang broke the secular concept and resolutely handed over all her property to her daughter to inherit.She did so because her son and daughter-in-law’s behavior, let her completely cold heart.Filial piety to parents is not just lip service, not to stay parents in their own side for the aged, is to do filial responsibility and obligations.In fact, whether the children are really filial to their parents, like a mirror.In the old man’s heart, there is a ruler of justice.Children who are not filial shall be allotted no share of property or less;Dutiful children are entitled to all the old man’s property.No matter how the old man distributes his property, it is the right entrusted by law to the old man, and no one is beyond reproach.