Beautiful Jinning, Kunming: Plum blossoms on the south bank of Dianchi Lake

2022-05-25 0 By

Spring is beautiful snow, plum blossom manyuchun.These days came to the south bank of Dianchi Climb teeth mountain, xinya Villa hundreds of mu plum blossom just, a branch, a string, a tree tree, into clusters of open, brilliant whole spring.Looking ahead, plums are white, dyed white in the mountains, and the smell of spring is getting stronger and stronger.Look carefully, this petal is small and finely broken, some have grown a tender leaf, more line li Hua pure and fresh free from vulgarity.The breeze blows, the petals fall gently, like a fairyland, hazy, savor the simple spring information, decorate the south bank of Dianchi Lake with simple and elegant pure.In June, these white flowers will fade into a bright red fruit, at the moment, full of anticipation of the arrival of the harvest.All-media reporter: Feng Jing, Wu Yantao, Song Guangxu, Editor: Chen Haiyan, Editor: Fang Weilin NBSP;