A young man in Henan province is still single during the Spring Festival. His mother makes a heavy date cake to greet him and pulls his brother to “test poison”.

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Guide language: young man home for the New Year still no object, mother made heavy taste date cake to welcome, net friend: mother is really well-intentioned.Recently, in Anyang, Henan Province, a young man went home for the Spring Festival, but as he has reached the marriage age, he still has no one to date this year.Unexpectedly, after returning home, mother and sister changed their faces and made a heavy flavor of date cake to welcome them, which may be to secretly express their dissatisfaction with their son’s lack of objects.The two men knead the date cakes into strange shapes that look a bit like “baba”.At that time, the young man felt puzzled when he saw the date cake, and his only appetite was destroyed by the shape of the cake.The next morning, after the date cake was steamed, it looked even more complicated than before. The young man could not eat it.So turn a head to pull younger brother “test poison”, only younger brother ate the first mouthful, oneself just have the courage to eat the second mouthful.The younger brother reluctantly ate it, saying that although it looked unique, it tasted good.”The mother is really well-intentioned, but it’s no wonder she’s worried. The chance of a single boy is very high.If you had a girlfriend, your mother wouldn’t be either.””The date cake really looks like baba, but there is no way to eat it anyway. It always reminds people of something bad.””You’d better find a partner as soon as possible, otherwise next year’s New Year might have what new tricks to wait for you, don’t understand ask, this year to find a partner really difficult?”In fact, xiaobian think, there is an old saying called “marry first and then start a career”, many old people think so.The life of children is also the most important thing for the elderly to worry about, so when it comes to the age of finding a partner, we should find a suitable person as soon as possible. We should not always let our parents worry about them.What do you think about this?