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(^ · hikaru · ^)01. Full of wisdom, abruptly props up my face.I feel I fell in love with my math teacher, because IN front of the person I love, IQ is basically zero.03 idle is also idle, I ask you a question, do you have money for Chinese New Year?04 I am afraid of trouble everywhere with people that I did not download spelling xi Xi, the results of more than one person value me this unregistered spelling more target users.What is a man god?The kind of guy who looks at you and thinks you have nothing to do with your life.06 boyfriend in five million came and I said: “we points!I nodded happily.”It was several days before I realized he wasn’t talking about money.07. What is pain that can be touched?I just feel like I’m hungry and flat and there’s still a lump of meat.When I was a kid, I thought that when I grew up, I could save the world. When I grew up, I realized that the world couldn’t save me.09 God is fair, gave you an ugly appearance, will also give you a low IQ, so as not to let you appear uncoordinated.10. I’ve never dropped a chain before.11. When things are going badly in your life, don’t worry. Look at your savings and wallet and cry.12. I swore when I got rich I would buy a raincoat of my own when a fancy car passed me, spraying me with water.