Even Su Bingtian couldn’t help praising the Persistence of Guangdong people in snow.

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# How Much Cantonese long for snow # how happy Cantonese are to see snow ## The persistence of Cantonese to snow #……The joy of cantonese in winter is to see snow, while the joy of our friends in the north is to see the snow. The persistence of the family to snow su Bingtian’s reaction is very real!This is the right way for Cantonese people to open their life. However, this does not affect your love for the world of ice and snow. This is not ~ The pace of the Winter Olympics, getting closer and closer DV Jun also go to experience the charm of the world of ice and snow.Have some strange questions about winter it is not surprising that the Beijing Olympics yesterday Chinese sports delegation list officially released ~ a total of 176 athletes to participate in guangdong we have 17 players selected from the women’s hockey team and the team news know how D in 23 people in the list of Chinese women’s ice hockey team, 16 people submitted by the sports bureau of guangdong province,Liu Zhixin, Zhu Rui, Zhao Qinan, Wang Yuting, Lin Ni, Lin Qiqi, Zhou Jia-ying, Miller, Hu Baozhen, Rebecca, Zhang Xifang, Kang Mulan, Lin Jia-xin, Huang Hui-er, Faye Anna and Tian Ya Chen, all from Shenzhen Kunlun Hongxing Women’s Hockey Club.In addition, Peng Junyue, a native of Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, was originally a basketball player. In 2016, he joined the Chinese bobsled team through cross-disciplinary selection.He didn’t see real snow for the first time until he joined the national team.In 2019, Peng junyue won guangdong’s first winter Games gold medal at the National Winter Games as a representative of guangdong.I believe we are also very interested in the knowledge of the Winter Olympics as well as DV Jun!Especially the “monkey son” at home can take advantage of the winter vacation, enjoy the beauty of ice and snow everyone listen to feed ~DV gentleman to send you welfare!!Guangdong public DV field together with beta story Beijing 2022 Olympics knowledge science original series audio games come from tomorrow (January 29) we launched “those things about Olympics” every day if you or your child on the Olympics/sporty interested may wish to 10 o ‘clock every night agreed we DV public push the text and audioLet you and your children, anytime and anywhere to understand the history of the Winter Olympics experience the unique charm of the Winter Olympics