How to realize “lightsome” five rings?CCTV reporters to explore the opening ceremony snow platform core device

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At the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the lifting of the Olympic rings and lighting of the torch were both ethereal and romantic, but the core device behind them also aroused the curiosity of many viewers.How did they achieve the stunning visual effects of the opening ceremony?Let’s take a look at the exclusive disclosure report from our correspondent Xu Mengzhe.Reporter Xu Mengzhe: The device is rising slowly, the staff called it ice Cube, he undertook a very important ceremony display link in the opening ceremony, because our Olympic rings are hidden in this piece of ice.In fact, at the beginning of our design, when we carved the five rings, the device would throw ice pieces of the object, but why did it show comprehensively with the floor and lighting effect at last?Let’s listen to the techs decrypt it.’We first threw simulated ice cubes,’ said Wang, technical director of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s Winter Olympics special Office. ‘We designed six simulated ice cubes in the surrounding area, four in the front and two in the side made of plastic.’But the crevice where the ice is thrown is ugly. It’s so fake, it’s kind of disfiguring.During the opening ceremony, the atmosphere reached its climax with the slow rising of the five rings, but in the original design, the director’s team proposed to project an external light source onto the rings to create a luminous effect.But through many attempts, the effect is not ideal.Finally, the technical team came up with an improved version of the “five-ring spontaneous light”.China aerospace science and technology group, the games are special technical director ‘wang: lamp board design, one is that we now take full color LED light plate, flexible light board, the second, is the lamp plate cover, this cover is actually a good filter, make the two color matching up, and then through the screen to form this kind of feeling of ice.Beauty problem solved, in the case of wind, how to maintain the stability of wia lifting ring?It’s a new problem.Through multiple simulation calculations and field tests, the “ice rings” shown at the opening ceremony were able to maintain structural stability in force 6 winds while remaining as airy and ethereal as possible.Reporter Xu Mengzhe: The falling installation is another core installation at the opening ceremony. The staff called it Snow Platform. Then it appeared twice in the opening ceremony, once as a landscape display, and the second time as an important torch installation.So a small torch, its own endurance is limited, how to achieve sustainable and stable combustion?In fact, the answer is in this snowflake.The original design was to hide the cylinder directly in five “petals”.However, considering the difficulty of cylinder replacement, the reliability is limited.The technical team took the idea to the sky.’It has what we call this control device, or WEIA,’ wang Said. ‘It has a cable lifting system composed of more than a dozen motors. It also has a gas release system, a cable release system and a winding system, so the gas path is on it.’Snowflake platform device, torch device, ice cube device, lifting device, the opening ceremony of the wonderful ceremony function display, requires their precise coordination.But in fact, on the basis of intelligent dispatching system, this kind of “precise coordination” also needs manual expansion and manual “fine-tuning”.Ground stage system technology, head of Beijing Olympics opening ceremony He Guanjie: our ground stage system, is not the same as other stage, he need to lighting sound, there is plenty of led display screen to common coupling to role, so need according to the director’s password, follow the rhythm of the whole performance, to make some adjustment of ten seconds level or second level.Therefore, for this reason, we still retain part of the operation function of human hands in the operation.During the hour-and-a-half opening ceremony, nearly 100 commands were needed.However, it is not difficult for astronauts who are used to the operation pattern and working characteristics of the spaceport.After working with the director team for nearly three months, the technicians have been able to accurately and skillfully complete all the operation procedures of the opening ceremony.He Guanjie, technical director of the ground stage system for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games: We are in charge of the ground stage system.He’s responsible for the password interaction with the director.When to do what mechanized movements, and then his command will be given to us exactly, and then we operate.In fact, the automatic program of partial action has been all installed in the computer. When you receive the director’s password, you only need to press two keys, and the system will run immediately. Therefore, it can meet the requirements of accurate performance.The Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games demonstrated to the world the way of Chinese hospitality with its unimaginative artistic imagination, wisdom in exploring the vast universe and technical support over the past 10 months.(CCTV reporter Xu Mengzhe, Zheng Xinyu, Ren Shengyuan, Yuan Chenggang