State Grid Shangli County Power Supply Company: Intimate service “increase temperature”, optimize the environment “increase speed”

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Recently, its pingxiang shangli county electric power supply company, led has visited Jiang Xirui valley communication technology co., LTD., Jiang Xiguang chi technology co., LTD., and other key enterprises, timely understanding of customer production plan, electricity demand and electricity consumption forecast, for customers to solve problems and difficulties, electricity security electricity customer business to accept the quality,Further enhance customer satisfaction, help enterprise development.At present, the province is sounding development and reform double “no. 1 project”.Its pingxiang shangli county electric power supply company as sharp, bear as, active power forward service window, around customers safe, new content, such as electric and transformation of energy efficiency, extending power supply service to customers in the actual production, comprehensive promotion “power” service level, strongly promote digital economy big development, the business environment.Since march, the company leadership team members lead to the positive power supply each jurisdiction on industrial park field visit key enterprise customers, door-to-door publicity pingxiang government on promoting industrial enterprises increases production efficiency of reward measures, communicate face to face with customers, closely around the customer to do the whole process of electricity, electricity and electricity,Listen to customers’ demands and thoughts, demands and needs carefully, spare no effort to help customers solve practical problems encountered in the production of electricity, provide customers with “one to one” special electricity service, help guide customers to reasonably determine the way of energy use, distribution capacity, site selection and layout, collect pre-installation information and prepare power supply plans, etc.The requirements of optimizing the electricity business environment were implemented in customer power supply services, and customer satisfaction and sense of power acquisition were further improved.It is understood that the company will accelerate the construction progress of the distribution network within the jurisdiction through government-enterprise linkage, precise investment and other ways, and strive to reach 100 10 kv distribution network lines by 2022.Combined with the problems of the distribution network during the peak-peak winter, the independent projects of the distribution network are rationally arranged, and the connection rate of the distribution network is gradually improved through the implementation of the project, and the connection rate of the distribution network is more than 70% within the year.Continue to fully implement the “online State Grid” APP, “Gan Fu Tong” and other online electricity services, improve the convenience of customers electricity;In the electricity operation link, time, cost, power supply reliability and other aspects, vigorously reduce the electricity operation link, continue to optimize the business environment, help to promote the park high-quality leap-forward development, to promote the construction of “five counties”, strive to “Jiangxi and Hunan border region development first phalanx” to make a contribution to the power personnel.Editor: Tang Yue editor: Zou Wenbiao supervisor: You Jing