Those Patriarchal Wedding Ceremonies (Part 2)

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Those Patriarchal Wedding Ceremonies (PART 1) – The Bride is like a thing to be handed over 4.Marriage is to carry on the family line. At weddings, “early birth of a baby” and “three years to embrace two children” are common wishes.Correspondingly, there are many customs that wish the couple to have children early after marriage, especially sons.For example, before the wedding, there will be the custom of “bed” : in the new bed on the bed, spread all kinds of wedding fruits, peanuts, red dates, longan, lotus seeds, meaning early birth of your son.After entering the bridal chamber, the couple will sit together on the bench with the groom’s trousers, implying that the two have one heart from now on, and beg for a boy in the future.In the traditional concept, marriage and childbirth are closely linked, marriage means the bride carries on the family line for the groom.It is the important mission of the bride to raise children and support her husband.Moreover, no matter how much physical and mental costs women pay for childbearing, the fruits of childbearing are all owned by men under the influence of the right of naming.So even though only women are biologically fertile, it is sons who “carry on the family line”, and in order to pass on the family line, women must have sons.It’s like the second Sex: an heiress does not inherit, but is merely a machine for producing heirs.For many people, a wedding is the most important moment in their lives — especially for women.Many women have dreamed of a beautiful and romantic wedding since childhood. On that day, she wore a beautiful wedding dress and was the leading role of the audience. She was regarded as a happy princess and entered the marriage hall hand in hand with her Mr.Right.For men, however, almost no one will take wedding as a “childhood dream”, even if the attention, more just to meet the wedding expectations of their partners.”Wedding day is the most important day in a woman’s life” is often touted by wedding companies, but “wedding day is the most important day in a man’s life” is rarely touted.Why is that?I think it shows that marriage means different things to men and women.For a man, marriage is just a part of life, a way of life, and there is more to it than that.But for a woman, she has been told since childhood that she is not independent and must depend on a man to live, and her dream should be to marry a prince charming like a princess.As a result, the wedding became the most important moment in her life, and the customs within it had even greater significance for her.You need ritual, but you don’t need patriarchal ritual. There’s nothing wrong with wanting ritual in a wedding, it’s patriarchal ritual in a wedding.In the quest for equality, patriarchal rituals need to be improved.But deeply influenced by patriarchal customs, we may not know how to do a truly equal wedding, but it does not prevent us from reflecting, practicing, and trying to generate new and replicable experiences.In my opinion, the key point of improvement is to change the wedding centered on the exchange of women into the wedding centered on the combination of two subjects.In other words: The point of marriage should not be “marrying”, but “joining together”.Specifically, can the bride’s outfit be less complicated and more simple and comfortable?Of course, it’s okay to dress up, but doesn’t it have to be just the bride?As for the ceremony of the bride’s father handing the bride over to the groom, can the bride and groom walk out of their parents’ side and walk into the auditorium hand in hand?Or walk in with both parents?Can I speak on behalf of the mother, not necessarily the father?…Always check with awareness, abandon the patriarchal approach, let a happy marriage from the equality of the wedding.The main axis of marriage is not husband and wife, marriage is “get married” parents urge marriage is very annoying, how to do?Is female independence and marriage contradictory?I am Miss G, the public account “Miss G’s Free World”, share love, emotion and heart, take you through the complicated appearance, from the deep understanding of sex and love.If you have inspiration, welcome to like, comment, follow