Wayfair’s rule is about to be broken by Chinese sellers

2022-05-26 0 By

Recently, many sellers told Lao Feng that their Amazon listing was copied to Wayfair platform by other sellers.When I want to put this product on The Wayfair platform, because IT violates the rule that only one link can appear on the same product on The Wayfair platform, it will be judged by Wayfair as the same product is put on the wayfair platform repeatedly, and the products that are put on the Wayfair platform will be removed because there is no sales.This Li GUI posing as Li Kui has also become a legitimate listing, and because different platforms are involved, it is difficult for you to complain, after all, any rules are established within the scope of its own platform, China Mobile can not solve the signal problems of China Unicom.In order to improve the shopping experience of front desk users, wayfair has started to actively deal with duplicate items to ensure that there is only one link for the same product at the front desk.For duplicate products, we will reserve an optimal product link through big data algorithm and temporarily remove other duplicate products.The platform is actively exploring future solutions, including merging duplicate products so that you can continue to sell them.If your product is identified as identical to other products on the platform and is temporarily removed from the platform, please wait patiently for further notification.We hope that you can actively cooperate with the platform to help us provide customers with high quality and unique products.Wayfair uses big data to query whether a product has been put on the shelves repeatedly. First of all, it is the parameter of the product, and then it is the overseas warehouse address, the URL of the product album, and then it is the manual audit picture. So if you put the product on the shelves with a different Angle or background, it is still very likely to be taken off the shelves.Because the parameters are the same.So you amazon home category sellers, wayfair platform layout without delay;If you don’t act, girl’s gonna leave with someone else.(End of the text, first send wechat, welcome to follow my wechat public account: Cross-border e-commerce C14)