Hangzhou: saw the long snake arrangement just know, why Nanjing choose fish mouth to do hexi CBD facade

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Hangzhou: saw the long snake arrangement just know, why Nanjing choose fish mouth to do hexi CBD facade!One view is that the layout of Nanjing Hexi CBD suffers some losses: Nanjing Hexi CBD1.Far away from the river, from Nanjing to see the past city cover is ugly housing block;2. The New City Science park could have been used as a green building, but it was a pity that residential buildings and Benq were planned in the middle, which led to the fragmentation of the CBD which should have been scattered at different places;3. Poor subway planning;4. There is no proper viewing platform.In fact, there are a lot of tall buildings in Hexi CBD, and a lot of money has been invested. Unfortunately, there is no good tourist vision to display as the city cover, which is the disadvantage of Hexi.Although it is understandable that CBD is not built along the river, after all, when hexi CBD was planned, the Olympic sports side was still open space, and it was further away from the old city when it was directly planned to reach the river. Moreover, CBD is along the river, and congestion will inevitably increase near the river crossing channel during peak hours.But now the strip is too loose, landmarks in key locations block each other, are cut off by the park and so on, which is a failure…I do not agree with this point of view. The overall planning of Hexi CBD adopts the design scheme of An Australian company, and the long snake arrangement rather than the traditional point arrangement is intentional.Nanjing Hexi CBD design is from the most long-term planning to consider, is to avoid the point CBD intersection distribution traffic congestion, to avoid a series of problems due to traffic congestion like Xinjiekou in the future.Nanjing Hexi CBD is very large, in addition to Shanghai in east China, hangzhou Qianjiang New City and Nanjing can be compared.Hangzhou’s advantage is its relatively large size, after all, in recent years, some industries and jobs brought by large factories are also more.But the lack of height is limited, most of them are 150-200 meters or so flat.In terms of scenery, the view of the new city may be better from the qianjiang river or the other side of the Qianjiang River, but the Nanjing section of the Yangtze River is far from comparable to the Qianjiang River.Nanjing why choose fish mouth as the facade of hexi CBD, is because there is finally no Jiangxinzhou, the line of sight is not blocked.Otherwise, jiangxinzhou and Qianzhou stretch from Yuzui to Xiaguan, and even if a 600-meter-tall building is built along the Hexi River, it will be difficult to see much momentum in the Northern part of the river.Nanjing Hexi CBD Do you have a problem with the above views?