Hanting District service enterprise development special job fair held successfully

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In order to promote the better development of enterprises and the full employment of job seekers, Hanting District organized the “Help enterprises get off to a good start” activity and the “Spring Breeze Action” special job fair (the second phase) on the morning of February 13.The job fair combines online information release with offline on-site recruitment to build an efficient and convenient supply and demand platform for enterprises and job seekers.Organisers hanting district human resources and social security bureau hanting federation service enterprise development office hanting hanting hanting district women’s federation in harmony media center hanting hanting communist youth league committee to undertake unit public employment and co-organizers talent service center zhang kaiyuan street office street agency weifang rural commercial bank cold pavilion in dongying bank of weifang branch cold pavilion branch Shanghai redThe activity of Star Macalline Brand Management Co., LTD. Weifang Hanting Branch attracted 32 enterprises to participate in the event, involving food processing manufacturing, electronic instrument manufacturing, construction, environmental protection, automobile sales and other fields, providing 1,025 jobs and achieving 386 employment intentions on site.In order to cope with the post-holiday labor shortage and job hunting peak, relevant departments have carried out job collection and job hunting intention survey, and tried to achieve accurate matching between people and posts, effectively promote the majority of job seekers to achieve more full and higher quality employment, and alleviate the post-holiday labor shortage of enterprises to the greatest extent.The job fair is the policy of enterprise benefit, benefit the people, effectively promote the Hanting district college graduates, rural labor force, unemployed people and other groups of employment, to solve the problem of enterprise employment will play a positive role.★ The Hanting District Committee economic Working Conference and the district 2022 work mobilization Conference has been held in the hanting District Committee economic working conference and the district 2022 work mobilization conference has aroused strong repercussions among the district party members and the masses.U just!Cold pavilion praised the enterprise source | cold pavilion public employment services make fly edit | | king wang lijun review | Wei Xianhai