Are you among them?That’s one in six people in China

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According to the National Health Commission, more than 250 million People in China suffer from hair loss, with one out of every six people losing their hair.Hair grows cycle to pay attention to increasingly as consumer to trichomadesis problem, the consumer group that suffers trichomadesis trouble expands gradually, trichomadesis economy “bald” rise however, prevent to take off to wash protect market heat to continue upsurge.According to the 2021 Research report on hair loss in the post-90s released by Mob Research Institute, the proportion of people with hair loss in the post-90s has increased, and the data has surpassed the post-80s.The results showed that the alopecia group showed a trend of younger age, among which the number of people under 30 years old accounted for 69.8% of the total, and the largest proportion was the young people between 26 and 30 years old, up to 41.9%.At the same time, it can be seen from the “GENERATION Z personal care consumption report” that young people gradually become the main force of hairline protection, the report shows that people under 30 years old to buy anti-hair loss products accounted for 69.8%, anti-wash protection sales accounted for more than 75% for two consecutive years.At present trichomadesis is basically divided into: rest period trichomadesis, growth period trichomadesis, bald spot, androgen trichomadesis, the trichomadesis that other diseases bring about.Androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of clinical hair loss, followed by alopecia areata.The main cause of hair loss is hair washing.The process that washes hair normally does not cause trichomadesis, but, if do not have in time clean scalp, the grease that skin fat on scalp excessive secrete is likely to block hair follicle very much, aggravate trichomadesis speed instead.Accordingly, need not worry about frequency of shampoo blindly to be able to produce adverse effect to the hair, everybody should secret circumstance according to oneself scalp grease, seasonal change, of that day activity amount is different, choose the frequency that suits his shampoo.Oily hair in summer, oily hair is more likely to produce oil, if not washed in time, there will be a lot of oil secretion, blocking hair follicles.Therefore, oily hair is generally washed once a day in summer hair is no problem.If you don’t wash it for two or three days, it will aggravate your hair loss.In autumn and winter season, as long as there is no overmuch perspires, the circumstance that gives oil, wash every other day also is ok.Gentle and non-additive plant shampoos are recommended to reduce additional irritation to the scalp and improve hair health.Often stay up late is also a big culprit that tempts scalp to give oil.Staying up late will not only damage your health, but also aggravate your greasy hair.If you do not get rid of this bad habit, will only let the hair more and more, more and more greasy hair.Dry hair qualitative and oily hair qualitative contrary, although friends of dry hair qualitative do not have the problem that gives oil in great quantities, because sebum is secreted too little however, cause the problem such as increase in number of withered hair impetuous, head itch, dandruff.Will tell to the person that sends qualitative to dry sex so, frequency of shampoo can reduce appropriately, no matter what season, 2-3 days wash a hair is to suit qualitative of qualitative of dry sex most, want to undertake scalp cleanness alone at the same time.It’s not good news for the lazy, either.Neutral hair For neutral hair, avoid heavy metals and silicone oil in your hair, wash your hair every 1 to 3 days and keep it clean.No matter what kind of hair is qualitative, had better not wash a hair more than 3 days, maintain the cleanness of scalp as far as possible, the shampoo ability that chooses hair assures hair healthy state.Hair daily shampoo selection is not right, often cause some hair loss alopecia and scalp itching problem, at this time with some natural plant herbal essence to raise hair care will play a certain role.Herbal plants are pure natural herbal essence, such as chrysanthemum, orchid, lotus and so on, can help the surface of the scalp breathing, thereby improving some skin itching problems, and then let the hair root also long very thick.So xiaobian here to recommend a Chinese essential oil as an effective formula of hair brand products:Beloved beloved “fu”, “fu” brand was born in 2019 in yunnan, beloved “fu” brand to explore China’s one thousand Chinese prescription inheritance formula, according to the characteristics of the Chinese skin/hair and the pursuit of beauty, herbal essence and extract of Chinese herbal medicine as the core component, using the modern lapping extraction manufacturing process, to build healthy, moist, raise hair beauty products for use in people.At the same time, Liangren fu not only sticks to the classical implicit and introverted, but also integrates modern aesthetics and innovation, showing the beauty of the East.Series control Huannian, pure glass, internal and external bright revitalize regeneration series: contains 4 kinds of conditioning effects, exclusive for women, from the inside out, root maintenance, revitalize cells, return to the bright embellish, ancient secret recipe, extract, pure and pure, promote absorption, according to the essence of their own bright and clean.”Liangrenfu” brand with its own clear and different brand positioning, through multi-dimensional penetration marketing, in-depth reach different groups, increase the influence of its brand.Only by matching the brand culture delivered by enterprises with the concept advocated by consumers can we gain more users’ goodwill and loyalty, establish the lasting competitiveness of the brand, and finally become the benchmark of national style culture.