Long squat stand up at the moment blacken, be anaemic?

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We often have the experience of standing up when we are lying down or squatting and suddenly the whole universe is spinning in our head.In fact, this is very common “hypotension”, and it is completely different from anemia, in medicine called postural hypotension or orthostatic hypotension.This is a symptom that occurs when blood pressure is too low and blood supply to the brain is insufficient.Because people squat or sit for a long time, the blood circulation is blocked, suddenly stand up, the lower limb blood pressure is lifted, the whole body blood flow to the waist, the legs, so that the upper body, especially the head of ischemia, resulting in temporary insufficient blood supply to the brain.The human brain and eyes are the most sensitive to ischemia, and dizziness can occur as long as the ischemia lasts 1-2 seconds.According to clinical observation, more than half of the people in China have had postural hypotension.This small rise of the movement, why some people easy to do not have a little difficulty, and some people will have physical discomfort or even injury may it?In fact, this is related to physical health, as long as the body circulation is good is not easy to have such a situation.There are four ways to prevent postural hypotension.First, the body position change should be slow, when we change the body position, it is best to relatively slow speed, avoid standing quickly, to give the body a reaction time;Second, usually exercise more, the occurrence of postural hypotension, with poor blood circulation has a relationship, therefore, usually move more, not only can let the body bones and muscles flexible, but also can let the blood vessels not aging;Third, maintain an optimistic mood, had postural hypotension, but also need to have a good state of mind, correctly look at the happy events in life, sad things, nothing is more important than their own health, they should be rational analysis, do not impulse;Fourth, avoid fatigue, pay attention to avoid fatigue, every day to ensure that they have 8 hours of sleep time, lunch break time at noon, do not often stay up late, late will lead to the body’s resistance and immunity are decreased.If you find yourself just standing up with black eyes, there is no need to worry too much, if usually accompanied by pale face, weak hands and feet and other phenomena, you should timely medical examination, appropriate medicine, so as not to delay treatment.Source: Learning power platform