Prices plummet off a cliff!Here school district housing “god plate” myth burst, had 10 years soaring 12 times

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The real estate changes of COMPANY E are constantly evolving. What are the changes in the market?Recently, reporters from E company conducted field research on the real estate market in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Changsha and other 9 key cities to feel the real pulse of the market.From now on, e company has launched a column, a daily survey report on real estate in key cities, to entertain readers.The third chapter, about Hangzhou, with the local credit tightening, purchase restrictions upgrade, hangzhou real estate buyers will choose?Recently, securities Times · E company through the hangzhou property market field research found that, along with the tightening of credit, purchase restrictions upgrade, Hangzhou property market buyers are increasingly rational, second-hand housing transactions rapidly declined, once “difficult to find” school district housing, even if the price precipitous drop, few people ask;The new house “lottery” in the difficult problem has also been alleviated, the winning rate went high.The fierce competition in Hangzhou property market is forcing some local housing enterprises to cross the boundary to play with new energy.When it comes to school district housing, we have to mention “Yao Jiang Wen Ding Yuan”, nicknamed hangzhou’s most famous “Meng Mother plate”.The real estate is located in Zijingang district, West Lake district, Hangzhou, and Xuejun Primary School zijingang campus all the way across.In addition to convenience stores and real estate agents, there are nearly 10 training institutions in the street, including English, calligraphy, sports, evening care and art.Although it has been closed in recent years, real estate agents are still holding on.Walking into a real estate agency, the customer register at the front desk, recording the customer’s house information.Reporters found that only four or five groups of clients had left information on the register since the end of December 2021.Seeing someone visit, the intermediary client manager immediately walked out of the conference room to meet him.In a simple understanding of the demand, the intermediary customer manager to the reporter recommended a listing 87.76 square meters housing, two rooms a hall.”The listing price is 6.95 million yuan, the unit price after the discount is 79,200 yuan /㎡, the landlord is sincerely selling, you can see the house at any time, the price can also talk a little”.In the intermediary’s view, the above recommended housing cost performance is higher, “at this time in 2021, the same type of housing, more than 10 million a set of transactions.More importantly, no one was willing to sell.”And before a room is difficult to find different, now yaojiang Wending court listing in a pile.Reporters from a number of real estate agents to understand, at present, Yao Jiang Wen Ding yuan residential area listed housing more than 100 sets, the listing price of 80-110,000.”Some landlords just test sell and don’t really want to sell, so the listing price is too high.According to the current market price of Yaojiang Wending Garden, about 80,000 yuan can be traded.”It is reported that with the famous resources of Zijingang Campus of Xuejun Primary School, as well as the well-known “chicken baby” and “Meng mother”, Yaojiang Wending Garden from 2008 when the new house opening price is less than 10,000 yuan/square meters, to the first half of 2021 second-hand housing contract price is more than 120,000 yuan/square meters, created a 10-year increase of more than 12 times the myth,Also has become the Hangzhou school district in the room of the “phenomenon of god plate”.However, with the voice of school district reform, school district housing prospects unknown, since the second half of 2021, this in the past two years such a rainbow “god disk”, not only the price fell significantly, but also few people ask.The above real estate agent told reporters that since the second half of 2021, the turnover of Yaojiang Wending Garden in our store is about one set per month, but in the second half of 2020, customers are more willing to buy, generally more than 10 sets, and still can not find the house.Another real estate intermediary, also talked about similar views to reporters.Small housing low total price of school district housing, often the most sought after market.In the first half of 2020, yaojiang Wending Court house price peak, there is a building area of about 58.37 square meters of the first floor small second-hand housing source, with 7.5 million yuan of total price, equivalent to unit price 128,000 yuan/square meters.However, school district housing “only up” after the myth of the collapse, Yao Jiang Wending garden small family second-hand housing prices, also continued to explore.Transparent housing network data shows that in the last six months, the residential one-bedroom small family type only a transaction, the house is located in the middle floor of 61.18 square meters, signed on August 27, 2021, the transaction price of 4.73 million yuan, equivalent to unit price 77313 yuan/square meters.Since March 2021, Hangzhou law shot house purchase limit, Yaojiang Wending Garden has been shot out of 3 houses.However, from clinch a deal record, clinch a deal unit price is also a set than a set of low.On January 23, 2022, a small house of 58.66 square meters in Wending Garden was auctioned with a starting price of 4.3 million yuan. Only one person signed up and the bottom price was concluded, equivalent to about 73,300 yuan per square meter.In July 2021, when the education reform was in full force, a French auction house with a floor area of about 126.16 square meters in Wending Garden was sold at a total price of 10.34 million yuan (lower than the appraisal value of 1.69 million yuan), equivalent to a unit price of about 82,000 yuan/square meters.In April 2021, a building area of about 180.5 square meters of housing, to 18.5085 million yuan transaction, higher than the appraisal of about 1.35 million yuan, equivalent to the transaction unit price of about 102,500 yuan/square meters.”Everyone is to buy up do not buy down, star dish is too concerned by the market, this situation is more obvious, and even will be amplified.The real estate agent to reporters with emotion, since the second half of 2021, Yao Jiang Wending yuan’s prices and transactions, with many real estate market in Hangzhou are about the same.According to I love my home Research Institute statistics show that in 2021, hangzhou second-hand housing turnover of 79,200 sets, compared with 103,100 sets in 2020, the decline reached 23%.In the first half of 2021, 54,000 units were sold, but in the second half of the year, the volume fell sharply to just 25,000 units, down 53%.It can be seen that the continuous tightening of credit, hangzhou’s “8·5 New Deal”, adjustment of the settlement threshold and other policies have a great impact on the circulation of second-hand sales.In 2021, Hangzhou new home market in the new, red tide intensive promotion, the annual turnover of 209,000 sets, up 37%.However, it is worth noting that with the upgrading of the housing market regulation, the cooling of the second-hand housing market, the phenomenon of national housing snatching and ten thousand people shaking is becoming less and less.Data show that in 2021, hangzhou urban area launched a total of 136,000 houses into the market, which participated in the lottery registration 755 times, a total of 710,000 people to participate in the lottery.However, the new house differentiation is more obvious, the stream on Liting, Puhe Yundi, Tan Ying li hot red disk need top social security can be shortlisted, but there are also a lot of real estate flow.According to statistics, participation in the registration of the lottery, need to lottery 453 times, the flow of the project 302 times, accounting for 40%.It is reported that on August 5, 2021, Hangzhou issued the strictest property market regulation New Deal, the main content involves three aspects: First, Hangzhou settled less than five years, need full two years of social security.The college student collective household that enters Hangzhou newly cannot buy a house, take refuge in old person (retired) should settle full 5 years ability to buy a house;Secondly, those who are not registered in Hangzhou need to have social security for 4 years;In addition, the lottery ratio of more than 10:1 real estate, according to the social security payment time to determine the order of finalists.In response, hangzhou’s new house “lottery” sign difficult phenomenon appears to ease significantly.Since the second half of 2021, the popularity of lottery has declined rapidly.Among them, the highest average success rate in October has reached 33%;In December, 61 real estate projects in Hangzhou were registered by lottery, and the winning rate of all projects was more than 10%. Only five of them triggered the “social security” mechanism.”Due to the second-hand housing and new house prices upside down, especially some red dish, that is to earn millions in the shake, which also gave birth to the hangzhou property market lottery army, there have been a large number of elderly housing tickets, college students housing tickets, the owners of these tickets, also become the agent of the real estate speculators, some of the hands of the tenants, but also hold more than one room tickets.”Industry insiders told reporters, however, as the property market stability, the chaos has been effectively contained.Reporters learned that Hangzhou’s new housing, second-hand housing prices for a long time inverted phenomenon, some hot dish new housing, the price of the same lot, the same area of second-hand housing low million yuan.In Shenhua core area, for example, the region’s price limit rose to 55,000 yuan/square meter, and the current average price of second-hand housing in the region has broken through 60,000 yuan/square meter, part of the higher quality of the real estate, second-hand housing prices have reached 80,000 to 90,000 yuan/square meter, the price difference is large.Take Genbei New Town as another example. The second-hand housing price in this area is 50,000 yuan/square meter. Even though the limit price of new houses has jumped from 40,000 yuan/square meter two years ago to 44,000 yuan/square meter now, the price difference is still obvious.Insiders believe that speculation profit premise, the need for the property market to rise faster than the cost of capital.If the chain of speculation involves high-cost financing, falling prices are likely to lead to defaults or broken capital chains.With the deepening of hangzhou’s property market regulation and regulation, the phenomenon of speculation in new houses is being significantly curbed.Local real estate enterprises have been playing the ups and downs of new energy hangzhou real estate market, opportunities and challenges coexist.From the layout of the major housing enterprises, we can see that some are continuing to force, but there are also housing enterprises choose to transform, or even leave.According to the data of Transparent Real Estate Sales network, in 2021, binjiang Group, Greentown China, Vanke, Sunac, Poly Real Estate, Xiangsheng, Shimao and Tecshin will all be in the top 10 of the equity, sales and trading list of transaction amount.Among them, Binjiang Group with 45.742 billion yuan, 64.086 billion yuan, 64.305 billion yuan, in the three lists occupy the first place, continue to hold the three list champion.As the local leading real estate enterprise in Hangzhou, Binjiang Group has formed a mature standardized product system, and continues to bring high-quality works to Hangzhou.At the same time, in the past year, Binjiang continued to take land in Hangzhou, continuous deep cultivation and expansion of territory.In 2021, the old real estate enterprise Greentown China, with 40.226 billion yuan, 53.319 billion yuan, 53.319 billion yuan, at the same time ranked the second place in the three lists.At the beginning of 2021, Greentown won 10 homesteads in the land market, leaving footprints all over Hangzhou and maintaining its market share and jianghu position.However, besides Binjiang Group and Greentown China, zhejiang local real estate companies such as Zhejiang Guangsha, Xinhu Zhongbao and Songdu Shares, which once occupied an important position in hangzhou’s property market, are now fading out of the real estate market.Located in Hangzhou Linping district of the tianducheng, hangzhou property market was a super market, the founder is once famous Zhejiang Guangsha.However, from the second half of 2015, the company began to withdraw from the real estate business, and gradually to film and television media and other large cultural fields of transformation.In July 2021, Zhejiang Guangsha was “transformed” again, and the actual controller of the company was changed to Dongyang Guozi, which was later renamed as “Dongwang Times”.After the change of ownership, Eastwatch purchased 50.54% shares of Zhenglan Energy Saving with 156 million yuan.In 2021, Song Du shares in hangzhou property market operation can be described as “lost a wife and folded troops”.In May, after 20 rounds of bidding, Song Du shares finally won the land use right of Hangzheng Reserve No.8 plot with a total price of 1.783 billion yuan at the top premium rate of 29.86% and self-holding 21%.However, in July, Song Du announced that it was abandoning the site, which caused a default and cost the company 50 million yuan in advance application deposit.The amount accounted for 14.19 percent of its net profit last year.By January 2022, Song Du’s inter-bank investment started new energy.According to the announcement, Songdu Plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Zhejiang Songdu Lithium Co., LTD., according to estimates, the initial registered capital of the company is planned to be 500 million yuan.Song Du said it currently has no business related to the lithium industry, no relevant technical reserves, no relevant resources and professional team.Up to now, the company has not specified the specific investment project, has not signed the relevant investment agreement.Xinzhongbao moved its registration place to Quzhou, Zhejiang. According to local media reports, The new energy key materials management Headquarters project of Xinzhongbao has settled in The second phase of Quzhou Haichuang Park.After the establishment of new energy materials company registration, plans to produce key components of lithium electrolyte raw materials in the country.Blockbuster!Central bank and other three departments magnify recruit: personal cash deposit and withdrawal more than 50,000 yuan to register capital sources!Banks, securities, funds, insurance and other institutions to welcome the new rules