Zheng Shaoqiu’s charming wife will dress, temperament mature show elegant demeanor, no wonder is spoiled for so many years

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Many good clothes in the face of clothing is like a very charming magician, can match a few simple clothes unexpected effect, in fact, this elusive “magic effect.Mainly because the change of wearing is very strong, although wearing is unpredictable, but also can find some constant rules from it, such as the style of clothing is not changed, style has become qualitative, as long as in this fog like the style to find their own place can be called a successful collocation.Like mature women will have a lot of clothes can suit their own modeling, mature women’s wear as rich and colorful as temperament mature women’s inner.Xiaobian this time will zheng Shaoqiu’s wife with some mature style collocation sorted out, Zheng Shaoqiu’s wife is a relatively low-key star, her dress will have a strong affinity.Mature woman wears the design that build recommend — ZHENG Shaoqiu of V get knit cardigan delicate wife quite can dress, temperament maturity shows elegant demeanor, pardonable be spoiled so many years.Although Zheng Shaoqiu’s wife is close to 60 years old now, but still maintaining mature and elegant temperament, her dress is having the contracted atmosphere feeling that was washed clean by time lead China.This texture is also a popular style for haute couture.The quality and ease of wearing clothes are often affected by season and temperature.Like autumn and winter season to wear is the most test to wear technology, because the autumn and winter clothing needs to be combined between all kinds of materials and functional clothing, such as the combination between the inner take and lower outfit and coat, this combination will be more complex than spring and summer season.Therefore, it is a top priority to choose a suitable coat. The coat is the first garment that people in autumn and winter wear come into contact with, and also a garment that accounts for a large proportion in wearing.Mature and gentle women can try the cardigan of versatile series when choosing a coat. The design of cardigan is relatively simple, and this kind of clothing often has the feeling of literature and home.And knitting material can be endowed with flexibility for cardigan the idiosyncrasies of slender body, the cardigan of V collar can be tried when choosing specific design, so that the space that can be built inside has a few to show, also can let the collocation of whole a few more rich.The change of dress collocation of pure color suits and skirts can completely reflect the change of a person’s mood. For example, young girls may care more about whether the clothes can show their grasp of the trend and want to show their personality.Mature women may pay more attention to the texture of clothing itself, as well as clothing collocation and their temperament whether fit, mature women will be more inclined to high-level sense and delicate collocation.Of course, there will be a few mature women more like natural and comfortable collocation, these collocation directions are more can reflect the state of mind of mature women.Mature women can choose to wear a two-piece dress suit when going out or attending a serious environment, and the benefits of a dress suit are very obvious.It won’t have a good disharmony as a daily match, nor will it have a casual sense of entertainment, but this kind of stereotype will make many women feel too boring, not conducive to show the charm of the dress.In fact, there will be a lot of room to play between suits. For example, the suit jacket can be different from the inner skirt in color and material.In this way, you can fill in your own fashion ideas and add visual richness to the dress.However, it should be noted that mature women had better choose different colors in the same color system when choosing suit colors, so as not to have too off the serious feeling.Mature women wear matching color recommendation – black mature women will have some more suitable clothing colors, the first is very suitable as a coat of the main color of black.Black is more expensive with a suit coat or a daily windbreaker, especially with a coat made of wool or fur.Red Zheng Shaoqiu’s wife Guan Jinghua used to be a strong performance workers, her appearance also has a more obvious sense of The Times.Her choice of clothing color is also in line with her style, like red is very suitable for the festive and expensive feeling, with waistcoat or sweater is very intimate.The collocation of mature female recommends — stand gets coat + cultivate one’s morality jeans Zheng Shaoqiu’s wife wears template of famous yuan, collocation is simple however quite show temperament, have the glamour of mature woman.Temperament more mature women put on a dignified design of the coat will have a very perfect effect.Mature woman need not go after too flowery design when choosing coat design, also need not go after too fashionable element, the design that needs classic to fit figure to be able to have twice the result with half the effort only.For example, the short seven-minute sleeve coat designed by standing collar is very compact and delicate on the appearance, and the whole does not have too complex elements.This kind of clothing is also more suitable for the figure proportion, also very suitable for slender figure of women, the design of seven minutes sleeve just can show the slender wrist, with a style of slim jeans will have more casual effect.Slim jeans flatter a woman’s hips and legs, and pair them with a shorter coat to show off a mature and handsome look.Mature women in the daily casual wear can try to restore ancient Hong Kong wind effect, or simple holiday wind effect, such as slim style in the print T-shirt will have a very obvious fashion.A slim round neck T-shirt will show the bones of the figure and the lines of the waist. The printing element also assumes the main decorative effect in the overall collocation, and a slim pair of leggings or jeans will be very fashionable.