Declan Wang, who played a French gambler in Chow Chow’s “Shanghai Casino,” has been photographed recently

2022-05-29 0 By

The Gambler series was one of his signature films in the early ’90s, and fans will remember the famous scene in Shanghai Where He fought French gambler Pierre Cashon (Pia Cashon).The gambler is played by Declan Wang, the younger brother of famous Chinese actor Minde Wang.The three Wang brothers, Sheng De Wang, Min de Wang and Declan, all made their careers in the entertainment industry, but declan disappeared from the scene for years with no major work to show for him other than two influential films, “All Over the World” and “Shanghai Beach”.Recently, the French “god of gamblers” has been exposed by overseas Chinese media, the graying hair and wrinkled face are not much different from the tall and handsome gambling god in the film.Perhaps it’s due to age, or a lack of skin care, declan even looks older than the two stars..Declan, who has reportedly been living abroad in recent years after failing to make a successful career in the entertainment industry, has turned to fishing coaching.Earlier, he founded a travel company that taught guests how to fly line fish.Without the distractions of the entertainment circle, concentrate on doing what you like, is also a kind of happiness.# entertainment #