Do not participate in nucleic acid test without reason!Many people were placed on file for investigation and detained

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Recently, the domestic epidemic situation is severe, and all localities have taken corresponding epidemic prevention measures, including nucleic acid testing.Attention, may constitute a violation!Fifteen people in Sanhe, Hebei province, have been placed under investigation for failing to take nucleic acid tests without any reason.To rule out the outbreak potential risks, as soon as possible to restore normal production and living order, sanhe since March 13 consecutive arranged several rounds of nucleic acid detection area, most of the people to be able to consciously fulfill their obligation to detect and actively participate in the nucleic acid detection, but the public security organs are still found to have a small number of people who work without any reason not to take part in the overall nucleic acid detection, has brought the city’s residents health concerns.To this end, the public security organs have carried out a centralized investigation of regional nucleic acid testing since the early morning of March 21, 2022. By 8:30 a.m., the public security organs have placed on file the investigation and processing of 15 people with serious circumstances, including Zhang xx, Li Xx, Wang XX and Qiao XX, who have never participated in nucleic acid testing without reason.A man in Shenzhen was taken away by police after hiding in his home for 10 days to refuse to take a nucleic acid test, a video has emerged.Epidemic prevention workers said that no one answered their requests for nucleic acid tests. “Have you not had nucleic acid tests for more than ten days?””Whether or not I have nucleic acid is my personal problem!”The man stood up and thought that there was nothing wrong with him not doing nucleic acid. “I am in my own home and have never been out of the door. Who am I endangering?”Epidemic prevention workers said that no one answered their requests for nucleic acid tests. “Have you not had nucleic acid tests for more than ten days?”Police informed :(do not comply with the epidemic prevention regulations), constitute illegal.The police said that the building was a control building. “If you did not do it alone, the whole building will be affected because you did not do nucleic acid. Do you think you are reasonable?”In the face of repeated persuasion, the man still refused to cooperate with the nucleic acid test.Finally, the police said they wanted to be summoned, and the man put on protective clothing and followed him away.On the afternoon of March 20, nanshan Branch of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that the police had received a report of someone taking nucleic acid samples on behalf of others on March 18 and immediately launched an investigation.According to the investigation, jiang qiao (male, 37) violated the epidemic prevention regulations by holding wang (male, 31) nucleic acid code to take nucleic acid test samples in place of Wang at the nucleic acid testing site of Yueliangwan Garden in Nanshan District at about 21 o ‘clock that day.At present, the police to interfere with social management of illegal personnel Jiang Bridge, Wang mou administrative detention punishment.On March 21, Baogai Police Station of Shishi City, Fujian Province, in conjunction with relevant departments, detected an illegal person who had failed to take the novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test for several times in succession.According to the investigation, Lai, who rented an apartment in Baogai Science Park from March 14 to 20, 2022, failed to take nucleic acid tests for several consecutive times in accordance with the requirements of the Circular on nucleic acid tests for Novel Coronavirus Infection Prevention and Control Headquarters of Shishi City on Novel Coronavirus Infection.According to the provisions of Article 50, Paragraph 1 (1) of The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Penalties for Public Security Administration, Lai has committed an illegal act of refusing to implement the decisions and orders issued in accordance with the law under the state of emergency, and shishi police has given him a punishment of administrative detention for five days according to law.Q: During the special period of COVID-19 prevention and control, it is a legal obligation for people to scan their health code before entering restaurants and other public places.Does not “scan code registration” and “do not participate in the unified organization of nucleic acid testing” involve illegal crimes?Answer: According to the Law on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and other relevant laws and regulations, it is illegal to “not scan code for registration” and “not to participate in nucleic acid testing organized uniformly” without any reason!The police remind the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is severe and complex, please do a good job in personal protection, and at the same time, strictly abide by laws and regulations, actively cooperate with and support epidemic prevention and control work, jointly build a mass prevention and control epidemic prevention barrier, the police will be dealt with in accordance with the law if they violate relevant epidemic prevention regulations and constitute criminal acts!