Find guangdong spirit guy, they all have a common point, dyed yellow hair do not go to work, this is why

2022-05-29 0 By

Dear friends of headlines, with very happy in this platform, I am a 36 year old old bachelor, come to guangdong to work for more than ten years, have been to guangdong work friends, with the guangdong guy played hand over to treat people, I don’t know if anyone found in guangdong have a common characteristic, that is like to wear slippers dyed blond and have known is this why?Friends have been to shenzhen, I do not know found no guangdong guy a lot of spirit, the spirit of man, they all have a common characteristic, dyed hair, wearing slippers, are a few people together, do not go to work again, a few people sit up and find a supermarket the door every day something fine looking at passers-by, and these spiritual despise passers-by eyes particularly strange, in the evening,A few people look for a few more people’s places, or sit at the supermarket gate to drink tablet wine, drink while chatting, say some don’t understand the language.In fact, I was thinking, maybe they are still young, maybe their family is not rich, out of Guangdong and other places to work, but few of them work in the factory long out.Also the parents of these young men think they are here to enter the factory, the heart are looking forward to, looking forward to.But they do not know, these children in the outside of the blind, everywhere is the pursuit of the outside of the false life, may be at home poor afraid, so after coming out, the solution to his illusory false dream.Ah, after all, young is really good ah!Welcome each friend to this problem, express oneself view and suggestion!Welcome to the comments section!