Public welfare workers pay for illegal deforestation

2022-05-29 0 By

Rednet moment Hengyang February 10 news (correspondent Xiao Xiwei reporter Song Meijun) In February 10, 2022, he in Hengnan County Three tang Town Bamboo Pond village department to do epidemic prevention and control personnel information registration work.”In addition to assisting in epidemic prevention and control, the village committee will also arrange him to do public service work such as fire prevention, flood control, drought relief and garbage cleaning according to actual needs.”Zhutang village village committee director Zuo Zhenhua introduced.On January 18, 2021, when it was cold, he came to the barren field near his home and planned to use fire to clear the weeds in the field.”I just can’t stay still. I always want to do something, burn the grass so I can grow vegetables.”He, 67, recalls with some regret.Because of the sudden change of wind direction, the fire jumped over the isolation belt cleared in advance, soon ignited the forest, he arranged in advance of the two back sprayer villagers simply could not control the fire, he immediately to 119 alarm.Later, Hengnan County forestry investigation planning and design brigade identification shows that: forest fire area of 2.62 hectares, 39.3 acres.Hengnan County Procuratorate criminal prosecution department prosecutors in he a fire case review prosecution, that it caused the loss of forestry ecological resources, may infringe on the public interest, then will be clues to the public interest prosecution department.On December 15, public interest litigation prosecutors received to he a criminal collateral civil public welfare case commissioned hunan province environmental damage forensic institutions to register expert database experts Liao Juyang, Huang Tao issued expert opinion: “ecological restoration needs funds about 55626 yuan.”In the face of high ecological restoration costs, he mou worry to eat well, sleep not sweet, he is willing to assume responsibility for his own fire behavior, but because of economic difficulties, hope to reduce part of the ecological restoration fees.Prosecutors came to his village investigation.”His family has been suffering since childhood, and he did not study early to go home to help his parents raise two younger brothers by farming.” “He is hardworking and honest.” “He simply cultivated barren mountains into camellia forest, owed a lot of money, and it will be several years before he can hang fruit”…Villagers introduce he mou situation, bamboo pond village committee also issued a written certificate for he mou.The joint meeting of prosecutors formed a unified opinion, after asking hengyang City procuratorate to agree, put forward he mou bear expert opinion fee 6000 yuan, ecological restoration cost cash compensation 30,000 yuan, the other more than 20,000 yuan to public welfare labor compensation for a year of public interest litigation request.Undertake prosecutor introduction: “we originally intended to let him do the duty of mountain patrol forest ranger, but the forestry department because he mou is over 60 years old, cannot buy accident insurance, identified that he is not suitable for forest ranger.”December 30, 2021, hengnan County people’s Court open trial he a fire case and criminal collateral civil public interest case, the collegial court verdict all support the prosecution’s lawsuit request.”I would like to thank the prosecution for understanding my difficulties. I will actively complete the task of (public welfare) labor assigned by the village committee and hope to do more good for society during my lifetime.”When saying goodbye, he held the prosecutor’s hand tightly and thanked him repeatedly.