Refueling for the Winter Olympics!”City sub pier” come from now on no longer a “pier” difficult to find!

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Intangible Cultural Heritage meets the mascot to present the winter Olympics to send blessings xiaobian take you to see the city “artists” to make the mascot together for the ice and snow athletes cheer!Paper cut Li Yufeng paper cut version “Ice Dun Dun” is coming!Zaozhuang Xiao fan paper-cut teacher Li Yufeng used a pair of scissors to “gather together” the elements of the Winter Olympics creative full marks, traditional paper-cut can also tide up!Calabash pyrograph calabash pyrograph version “ice block block” online!The representative inheritors of Fulu tang pyrograph in Lunan, Zhao Zuotang, loves pyrograph art and uses his own skills to brand “Bing Dun Dun” on the gourd, which means “Fulu”. I wish the Olympic athletes can get good results!About the “winter Olympics top flow” in the city and what appearance?Let’s “kangkang”!The winter Olympics mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen”, created by li Anling, non-hereditary inheritor of cloth tiger in the form of sewing techniques, is a vivid bread master “Tai Ye” who made “Bing Dwen Dwen” cake for the Winter Olympics.Yang Xiangmei, a retired teacher, relies on herself to knit a pair of handy hands “wool pier” to achieve “pier pier” freedom.Source: financial media in the city