TSMC, which reported net income of T $491.076 billion in the first quarter, had been tipped to raise wages aggressively this year

2022-05-29 0 By

On April 8, TSMC released its operating report for March, showing that the company achieved net income of NT $171.97 billion in March, up 33.2% year on year, and net income of NT $491.076 billion in January-March, up 35.5% year on year.Earlier, there were rumors that TSMC would raise salaries by 8 percent this year, higher than the 3 percent to 5 percent in previous years. At the time, TSMC responded that it had not made public the size of the increase.According to media reports on March 30, TSMC chairman Liu Teyin said the annual salary increase, which takes inflation into account, will take place in April and “everyone will be happy” with the increase this year.Weekly (article | the financial world Tang Guo)