Yu Hongtao visited Mishan Hulin to investigate and guide the epidemic prevention and control work at border ports

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Hong-tao yu dwells in epidemic prevention and control work emphasizes HuLin research guidance border crossings strictly out from various control measures on ShiLa determined to build a border port outside the input line on February 6, secretary of the municipal party committee, municipal outbreak response work leading group leader hong-tao yu in “four two straight” way has in-depth hulin, key parts and basic border port, research guide epidemic prevention and control work.He stressed that the border port and is the key of the current epidemic prevention and control work, to be highly vigilant, adhere to the people, objects, environment and prevention, further perfect defense from spreading and control mechanism of group control system, strictly, thin, rely on the prevention and control measures from ShiLa, push forward the healthy development of the port trade at the same time, determined to build a border crossings waterproof outside the input line.In HuTou Town wusuli river Jiang Duan, hong-tao yu to visit the border infrastructure, the surrounding terrain, and into the river channel and river ZhiQinDian manned patrol, etc., combining with the border control diagram, and analysis of fight, head of the defense units to discuss input and risk control measures, and to stick to a line stations troops day and night, border police station policemen and edge festival greetings.At the Village Committee of Hutou Village, Yu hongtao presided over a symposium where he listened to introductions from Members of Huilin City and the local border Defense Commission and spoke positively of the local nucleic acid testing work.He pointed out that the epidemic prevention and control for the city border line length points more actual, compaction compaction zone from spreading, control group control responsibility, constantly pushing forward the construction of the party and government military police to manage the side “integration” and develop “civil air defense and technology dimension is” pragmatic, comprehensive prevention and control of the construction of a combination of point, line and plane three-dimensional pattern, improving ability of border controls.We should further strengthen the “four lines of defense”, increase the frequency of patrols, strengthen information reporting and sharing, and strictly prevent and punish illegal activities related to border smuggling, smuggling, border crossing and illegal entry.All media and various means should be used to conduct publicity and education, fully mobilize the public, raise the public’s awareness of security, law and border areas, and foster an atmosphere of mass prevention and control in which every household is a sentry and every person is a sentry.Territorial units and border units should step up communication, strictly implement the dual responsibility system for protecting overseas personnel, and firmly guard the first pass for imported cases.At the Border checkpoints of Mishan port and Dambi Town, Yu visited border control staff, listened to the work report of the Epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Mishan Port, and had a detailed understanding of the closed-loop management process of the port, vehicle disinfection and elimination, cargo supervision, implementation of border control policies, and the deployment of guard posts around Xingkai Lake.He pointed out that as a border port city, it is our major political responsibility to guard the border and the country.The awareness of high vigilance should be fully permeated into daily specific work and measures, and the whole chain closed-loop management of ports should be effectively strengthened. There should be no carelessness in the management of people, goods, environment and garbage.Port joint inspection departments and local governments should coordinate and cooperate to do a good job of sampling and testing of cargo strictly, and the red areas of ports should be effectively closed management;Health monitoring should be carried out for staff in the red zone, and quarantine control requirements should be fully implemented after leaving the red zone;It is necessary to strengthen the supervision and control of export trade enterprises to ensure that the whole process of export of goods is completed in a closed loop.We must firmly control the import of goods, do a good job of disinfection in strict accordance with standards and regulations, strengthen the evaluation of disinfection effect, and completely block the risk of imported epidemic.During the research, Yu hongtao also put forward requirements on making good use of the advantages of high-speed railway opening, promoting snow and ice tourism on the market, and improving the infrastructure construction of tourism regions.City leaders Wang Jingzhang, Chen Lin survey together in Mishan city.A leading member of a garrison unit takes part in an investigation in Hulin.· Text and pictures are provided by Mishan Rong Media Center and Hulin Rong Media Center