Gu Paid the wrong price, won gold to comfort the French player, but the opponent belitzed her gold content

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GuAiLing pay wrong, gold comfort French players, competitors but belittling her gold in the previous projects, our GuAiLing is finally beat a strong lead in her French players, with an advantage, and won the first gold medal of the final, is her first gold medal of the Olympics, for GuAiLing,This gold medal is really come to discern, is also a significant, so we can see, in the field she is quite proud, really very happy, of course it was after the end of the game, but there is a very warm heart is the scene of a praise, by all of us is at the end of the game ahead of GuAiLing the player at the time,French players also is a jump, because unfortunately not able to get the gold medal, just get a silver medal, so in the face of such a lost as a result, she is also directly sit on the ground crying sad, is not willing to up when GuAiLing and another third player, to see the players so sad, not directly jump up to share the joy, but squatting on the floor to comfort the player directly,So I can see between them, there really is a sense of hero precious little hero, girls between the athletes to respect each other, respect each other such a spirit of the Olympics, really make a lot of fans is quite moving, we originally thought of GuAiLing so warm heart to comfort of others, should be able to get some feedback, but didn’t think just recently,This time the French player after attending the Beijing games, told local media, against GuAiLing at present, according to media reports can learn this time of the French players in any media interview, said is pointed out that says he is in this time of the Beijing Olympics, will not be able to defeat GuAiLing, obtained a good result,Included in a slope of obstacles, after can shock, seventh such a bad achievements, completely is because they do not occupy the advantage of a home, she noted that this is GuAiLing can get such a good result, beat yourself at home, because she’s a Beijing Olympics have a home-court advantage,She was able to enter the arena earlier for a training session than other athletes from other countries, so she occupied more advantages and naturally achieved a better result. Therefore, it can be seen that in fact, this French athlete is also ranked no. 1 in the world and has the highest score.Look itself is an excellent player but didn’t think of this time after GuAiLing to comfort her, but didn’t get her a feedback to each other, to be honest, I think this really isn’t big enough, and she is so too stingy, we also know that actually for every national team player,Itself, they are the Olympic Games being held in their own home, certainly will occupy the advantage of a home, each host, this is the advantage of their own grasp, I think it is no good, just like in South Korea before, or in the United States, and so on other countries, host the winter games, the country’s players will occupy the advantage of a home,Which hosts also occupy a particularly good some advantages, it is very normal thing, and should not take notice of, but the French player, in fact, at this critical moment, not to regret some of the problems, but is renowned for his lost gold such a reason, blame on someone else’s home, blame on other players,This kind of behavior is indeed look petty and estimates she didn’t have the correct understanding of what went wrong, so in fact for the French player, though she was in the previous world ranking first, but at the moment she such attitude, such behavior, it is not respect other athletes,If GuAiLing see her after this interview and attitude, will feel oneself is wrong to pay after all, is a sincerity pays to comfort the player, in the end has not been a respect for each other, it is inconceivable thing, so also hope that the player can have a good to reflect on, whether their own problems.