Guan mucun and her ex-husband divorced after raising their son alone, remarried by her husband became pet treasure

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Guan met actor Wang Xingjun in 1983, when he starred in the film “The Moon Rises from the Sea.”They fell in love because of the play and finally got together.At that time, Guan and Wang shared feelings and mutual admiration, eventually marrying in 1984.Guanmucun originally thought that this marriage will make their happy life, did not expect it is the end of divorce.In 1990, the two ended their six-year marriage because of various conflicts, and Guan mucun took her son to live a strong life.Fortunately, Guan Mucun met a man who truly loved her and understood her in her life and began a second marriage.In 1998, Guanmucun remarried jianghong, the two accompany love up to now, the achievement of a good marriage.In those years, the rough life and marriage of Guanmu Village is worth savour.Guanmucun was born in 1953 to a Manchu family in Muye Township, Xinxiang, Henan Province.So the name of Guanmu Village is also very much related to the place of birth, to the village name, named Guanmu Village.Guanmu village’s childhood life is particularly unfortunate, and tasted bitterness and hardship.Guanmu Village family structure is more complex, there is a half-brother Guan Muyuan, the younger brother named Guan Muye.Li Fangxiang, also a poor mother, was diagnosed with stomach cancer the following year after giving birth to her younger brother Guan Muye.The news put the family into a great dilemma. After the surgery, the mother could not work.Guanmucun and his brother’s life became very hard. They often did not have enough to eat and had to work very hard.Therefore, guanmu village because of family reasons, precocious and sensible, and can bear hardships, very strong.Unfortunately, my mother died of cancer in 1963.Mother’s death, let this originally suffering family worse, the family fell into grief and despair.That year, Guanmucun was 10 years old. Her mother’s death made her grow up quickly and she began to face life more strongly.Guan Mucun and his brother Guan Muyuan have a good relationship. The two siblings support each other and face the complexity and hardships of life together.Later, her brother went out, and her father was far away from home, leaving her and her younger brother Guan Muye to live alone, living in a 12-square-meter house, living extremely hard up.Hunger and cold became commonplace, brother even to sell blood for money, let Guanmucun extremely distressed.Such a difficult childhood life, let Guanmu village honed a very tough character, but also had an impact on her fate.Although her mother passed away, she had a great influence on Guanmu Village and gradually embarked on the road of literature and art.In her early years, her mother was particularly fond of singing, and her family had hired a vocal teacher for her, so Guan mucun inherited her singing talent from her mother.Mother also asked Guanmucun before her death, let her insist on singing, which guanmucun deeply in mind.In 1970, Guan Mucun entered tianjin steel file factory work, became an ordinary worker.Because like singing, Guanmucun often participate in various artistic performances in the factory, she is very popular in the factory.Perhaps god had finally begun to take care of this unfortunate girl and opened a window on her unfortunate fate.Once, Guan Mucun was seconded to perform in tianjin Song and Dance Theater, which also changed her fate and found the direction of life.In 1977, guanmu village after several years of training, finally entered the Tianjin Song and Dance Theater, formally set foot on their own singing road.As a soloist, Guan mucun’s talent and hard work soon led to a career and a steady income.Guan mucun first came to prominence in 1981 when he starred in the opera eunuch.In 1983, Guan mucun starred and fronted China’s first musical feature film, the Moon Rising from the Sea.In the drama, Guan Mucun plays the female lead, Li Yan, and the male lead, Ouyang Fu, is played by Wang Xingjun.Because of the show, Guanmucun ushered in his first marriage and changed his life.She and Wang xingjun fell in love because of the play and finally got together.Wang xingjun grew up in a family much like Guanmu. His father died of stomach cancer when he was 8.When his mother remarried, Wang’s bitter childhood didn’t get any better. Instead, he became more lonely and sensitive.Later, Wang xingjun came out early to support his younger brother and sister and went to Xinjiang to work as a laborer.Thanks to his versatility, Wang xingjun gradually embarked on the path of acting and was admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy to change his fate.The same unfortunate growth experience, let two people have a lot of emotional resonance, very naturally came together.At that time, Guanmu village was more famous than Wang Xingjun, so it was also said that Wang Xingjun was a lover of Guanmu Village.Wang xingjun, a self-respecting man, was about to break up with Guanmucun, but in the end they both survived the ordeal.Once, when Wang xingjun didn’t have the travel fee to go home for the Spring Festival, Guanmu village gave him the travel fee directly and asked him to go home for the Spring Festival.After Wang graduated, they separated and guanmu gave him 100 yuan to honor his mother.Moved by Guanmu’s kindness and love, Wang registered their marriage in 1984.After the marriage, Guanmucun career on another level, went to the Central Conservatory of Music to study, Wang xingjun often out of the film.Because they were busy with their careers, they did not have children after getting married, so they spent less time together and more time apart.It was not until 1988 that Guan Mu gave birth to a son, guan Tianyuan.That year, Guanmucun was 35 years old.This thought after having a child, the marriage life of two people will increase a lot of fun and happiness, but the contradiction of two people begins more and more.During the years of their marriage, they spent very little time together and grew emotionally apart.Guanmucun’s career has always been better than Wang Xingjun’s. The marriage of strong women and weak men always makes Wang xingjun’s heart unbalanced.Wang also told Guan: “If I had your reputation and influence, I would have gone abroad long ago.”In addition, Wang Xingjun’s personality is sensitive and complex, so he often loses his temper because of some small things, which makes Guanmucun feel depressed.Until one time, when the two had an argument, Wang lost control of himself and lashed out at Guanmu, destroying the marriage.Guan divorced Wang in 1990 after six years of marriage, leaving her to raise their son.At the age of 37, Guan Mucun became a single mother and began a lonely life.After the divorce, Guanmucun while taking care of his son, while struggling for his career, calm and stable life.But such a day is not a long-term solution, alone with a son to live, will inevitably feel powerless.Until the emergence of a man, to save the frustrated Guanmu village.In 1994, jianghong because of the performance, went to guanmu village home guest.Jianghong see guanmu village a person with children to live, the day is cold, but also think of their unhappy marriage.Looking at guanmu village a person is very hard, Jianghong often go to help, is a very kind person.”There are too many people who like Guanmucun, but too few who really care about her, so I wanted to approach her and help her.”One by one, two people wipe out the spark of love, from colleagues into lovers, Guan Mucun once again initiated the idea of marriage.But in order to get married with Guanmucun, Jianghong also spent a lot of twists and turns, and finally regardless of anyone’s opposition, married Guanmucun in 1998.After marriage, Jianghong still dote on Guanmu Village, gave her a lot of spiritual comfort, let her warm unceasingly.”She has suffered so much before, and I cannot let her suffer any more. She is a ‘national treasure’ in my eyes!”In guanmucun eyes, her husband Jianghong is like his eldest brother, gave her a lot of moved and rely on, let her rest of her life no longer lonely.In addition to the guanmu village as always every care, Jianghong also fully support her career, gave her a lot of power and courage.Now, Guanmucun and Jianghong are still in love, live a happy and free life.In the first half of her life, she experienced all the hardships and grievances. In the rest of her life, she finally met true love and embraced happiness, which was also a perfect life.Therefore, no matter love or marriage, only meet the right person, to live a good life.