Intai: anti-drug propaganda no dead corner to build a solid defense with participation

2022-05-30 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday, recently, Tongchuan City public Security Bureau Yintai Branch Yintai police station police and anti-drug social workers to the police station after the holiday to handle business in the registered office of the increasing number of people, in the registered office to carry out anti-drug propaganda work.Anti-drug social workers distributed anti-drug publicity materials to the people who came to handle their business. They not only publicized the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control to the people, but also explained the types and characteristics of drugs and the harm of drug use to the people, guiding them to establish a correct outlook on life and values.And mobilize the public by focusing on “Chinese drug” and “drug” in shaanxi tongchuan anti-drug “public” way of active learning knowledge in drug control, and to encourage people actively inform against drug-related crimes, to join together in the anti-drug publicity, completes the virus, “double poison” drug prevention and control, enhance the consciousness and initiative of the masses to participate in the anti-drug, arouse social positive energy,Forming a strong atmosphere of people’s war against drugs.Household registration service does not close, anti-drug propaganda does not stop, the anti-drug propaganda service, praised by the masses.Author: Wang Aili