Should masks be thrown away after nucleic acid testing?How do I throw away a used mask?

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Nucleic acid testing is an important means of epidemic prevention and control.In addition to repeatedly reminding the precautions before, during and after nucleic acid test sampling, many friends also expressed doubts: Should masks be thrown away after nucleic acid test?How and where?In addition, during the epidemic prevention and control period, wearing masks and disinfection are the most common protective measures.What about masks, gloves, empty alcohol bottles and disinfectant bottles after use?Should I throw away the mask after nucleic acid test?How and where?It is recommended to prepare a spare mask before removing nucleic acid test.When queuing for nucleic acid testing, you must wear a mask correctly. When sampling, you can only take off the mask when the staff performs hand hygiene and takes out the swab for sampling. Hold the ear band of the mask with both hands and leave immediately after sampling.If a mask is found to be contaminated, it is recommended to replace it with a spare mask immediately and throw the replaced mask into the “disposable mask bucket” set up at the sampling point.If you do not have a spare mask, it is recommended not to use the mask taken off after returning home. Instead, seal or disinfect the mask and throw it into the “waste mask bucket” set up in the community, or seal it in a plastic bag and throw it into another garbage collection container.Don’t throw away used masks!How to deal with it?Don’t throw away used masks!According to the Guidelines for the Use of Pneumonia Masks for the Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Infections issued by the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council on Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19 Prevention and Control Unit), the disposal of post-use masks can be divided into two categories: masks used by healthy people should be disposed in accordance with the requirements of household garbage sorting;Masks worn by suspected or confirmed cases should not be discarded. They should be regarded as medical waste and disposed of in strict accordance with medical waste procedures.How to dispose of used masks effectively?During the epidemic prevention and control period, many communities and work units have set up recycling bins for used masks, and ordinary citizens can directly throw their used masks into other garbage collection containers.For people who have fever, cough, phlegm or sneeze, or have been in contact with such people, they should spray alcohol or disinfectant tape on their masks before throwing them into other garbage collection containers.In addition to masks, what else should we pay attention to when classifying waste epidemic prevention supplies?Paper towels, wet wipes and disposable household gloves belong to other garbage and can be directly discarded.Uncontaminated empty alcohol bottles, empty disinfectant bottles, empty hand sanitizer bottles belong to the recyclable garbage, the bottle body after washing, wiping elimination, can be directly discarded.However, it must be noted that there is no residual liquid in the bottle.Delivery boxes during the pandemic should be dispacked and placed in other garbage collection containers.The household garbage generated by the yellow code personnel should be put into special collection containers and treated by special property personnel.Epidemic prevention and control is not only about preventing viruses, but also about preventing secondary pollution.We hope that we can earnestly classify and deal with garbage and strictly prevent and control it.Source: Jiangsu CDC