The provincial Transportation Investment Group with total assets of nearly 500 billion yuan was reorganized and established

2022-05-30 0 By

High-speed announcement on March 14, central plains, henan province new tube enterprises focus on opening ceremony was held in zhengzhou, which involves controlling shareholders henan traffic investment group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “trading group”), trade group and henan province transportation development group co., LTD., restructuring integration, integration after the name is still the “henan traffic investment group co., LTD.”.At present, the above matters do not involve the material assets reorganization of the Company, nor will they affect the normal production and operation activities of the Company.According to henan daily, henan trading group will control reform goals and objectives, strategic restructuring of state-owned capital and professional integration, emphatically exert industrial agglomeration economies of scale, improve the modern enterprise system, perfecting market operational mechanism, on the basis of the total assets of nearly 500 billion yuan, “difference” asset size will double implementation, at the end of the sprint trillion-dollar scale,The comprehensive strength jumped to the forefront of the national transportation investment and financing platform.Henan province with henan Communications Investment Group and other 6 enterprises centralized listing as the beginning, accelerate strategic restructuring, continue to classify key promotion, and strive to be listed again at the end of March.Step to the real App to search the name of the relevant enterprise to query the detailed information, subscribe to the keywords of the enterprise will receive the relevant enterprise information pop up in the first time.Tou Shi App is a necessary financial business mobile tool for investment and financing professionals. Business intelligence, risk control daily, Urban Investment Daily, financial supervision, non-performing assets, real estate enterprise ranking, financial data, economic data and other investment tools have been online, which is a necessary tool for investment and financing professionals.