Article from Our Newspaper: Beijing Fengtai has changed from helping to serving, from waiting for sentries to leading sentries in solving letters and complaints

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During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, ecological and environmental protection work is still facing a grim and complex situation, and the public’s expectation for continuous improvement of ecological and environmental quality is more urgent.Complaint is sent to the door of the masses work, is to discover environmental problems, solve environmental problems “gold mine”.Since 2021, the Beijing fengtai district ecological environment department at all levels conscientiously implement the municipal, district of v. namely do important instructions and regulations on the “Beijing connect v. that do work work requirements, in order to” party building leads, vertical linkage mechanism innovation, “principle as the guidance, combined with education history of the party, from helping to” help “, try to response to the area of the people, ecological environment demand,Continue to improve the level of public service in work.April 1 this year, the Beijing in 2022 by v. that do the measures for the implementation of evaluation effect, fengtai ecological environment bureau for more effectively the new situation, embody the new bear, further promote “Beijing connect v. that do work byelaw” full implementation, will continue to focus on “seven” “five” requirement, in order to solve the people “urgent, difficult, sad, looking forward to” as the core,In the process of changing from responding to complaints to dealing with them first, we have continued to sum up our work experience, integrated the concept of “one step forward” into our work, actively practiced the people-centered development philosophy, and made efforts to explore a new district-level pattern of ecological and environmental issues.We will improve institutional development and improve the guarantee for taking a step forward.Serving the people wholeheartedly is the fundamental purpose of the Party.Fengtai District Ecological environment Bureau firmly established the work concept of “party and government are responsible for the same, one post is responsible for both”, and listed the handling of complaints immediately as the key supervision project of “no.1 leader”, constantly improving the system construction.Establishment in oneself level, special working team, a clear responsibility system and the difficulty in consultation with the system, visit the closed loop system, work by discussion, such as safeguard mechanism, stimulate the internal department (team, standing) “will not easily, things don’t asylum” initiative as a consciousness, a single thing to do, the multiple demands a coordination office, internal force.At the level of industrial letters and visits, we should deepen and improve the three-level housekeeping system for ecological environment, establish a wechat group for housekeeping work, and change “equivalent sentinel” to “leading sentinel” for those involving territorial territory, actively participate in the docking, and enhance the effectiveness of handling documents in joint governance.Use good digital, find the direction of a step forward.First, we need to strengthen analysis and research.The working mode of daily scheduling, weekly analysis and monthly summary was adopted to pay attention to the study and analysis of appeals letters, to summarize and conclude by industry, time segment and region, to find the law of the masses’ response to appeals, to intervene in advance, to take the initiative to carry out inspection and testing, and to eliminate the concerns of the people.For example, regarding the problem of disturbing people with peculiar smell caused by rising temperature in the gathering area of the catering industry, we carried out tests in advance to understand residents’ living feelings;In terms of the pollution caused by the transit of large vehicles, according to the law of vehicle driving, the joint transportation department set up card control in advance to carry out vehicle emission detection.Second, realize platform early warning.Make full use of the fine management platform such as online monitoring within the office, adopt the comprehensive management idea of “investigation, measurement, tracing, treatment and management”, and adhere to the principle of “early detection, early verification and early solution” to prevent the disease in the abnormal areas of atmospheric and water monitoring indicators.Third, we will strengthen itinerant patrols.In combination with daily inspection and hotspot grid data push, law enforcement personnel conducted high-density inspection according to the area, investigated and dealt with illegal problems such as dust discovery, discharge, unauthorized discharge, and idle facilities and equipment in accordance with the law, and eliminated potential pollution hazards in the bud.Through science and technology to empower, effectively play a good sentry role.We should enhance soft power and be more determined to move forward.At the same time as meeting the needs of the people with sincerity, we need to deepen proactive governance, identify specific targets of effort, and enhance our ability to identify and solve problems.The ecological environment bureau of Fengtai district needs its own strength to persist in forging iron, and focuses on strengthening the construction of cadres and improving the comprehensive ability of leading cadres.Strengthen professional ability learning, regularly carry out policy publicity and implementation, scenario simulation, discussion and exchange and other forms of learning and training, standard and table dynamic requirements and laws and regulations, increase the knowledge reserve of problem detection.At the same time, combined with the main responsibility and main profession and post meritorious activities, strengthen the daily practical exercise, do “every complaint must test”, through accumulated work practice, increase the working method to solve problems.In addition, in the process of taking the initiative to control pollution and doing things first without complaining, the ability of individual combat and teamwork has been further enhanced, which has laid a solid foundation for further fighting the critical battle of pollution prevention and control, continuously improving the sense of gain, happiness and security of the people in the area.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: