Daiming right to lead the team to develop civilization to create grid city management supervision work

2022-05-31 0 By

On February 17, deputy secretary of the county Party committee Dai Ming quan led the county party committee publicity department, county double founded, county housing bureau, county public security traffic police and other departments to carry out civilized creation of grid city management supervision work.Right of supervision, the generation of Ming line further show eyebrow avenue, riverside road sections such as the field inspector civilization to create grid city management to carry out the situation of the field to know whether all responsible units good supervision department is responsible for the area, whether good implementation supervision is responsible for the area streets, sidewalks, green belts and road sides trash cleaning situation.In the inspection found that there are still some sections of the road there are disorderly parking, occupying the road operation and other uncivilized behavior.Through supervision, daiming right to the responsible units to implement civilization to create grid city management work to give affirmation, and emphasize that the responsible units to improve the political position, the illegal operation, road occupation, construction road occupation, disorderly construction, disorderly parking, destruction of municipal public facilities and other behaviors, found problems timely rectification.Enforcement departments should strengthen the linkage work, implement civilization to create grid city management work, focus our county city order of city environment, city management, to ensure that the county city health dead Angle, no throwing rubbish, disorderly and building facilities, strong-arming (out into) to operate, without destruction of municipal facilities,To ensure the clean, beautiful, standardized and orderly environment of the county and city, further improve the urban living environment, consolidate the achievements of civilization to create grid work.Taijiang County rong Media Center reporter Zhang Qiushu