How can I run fast and not get tired in 1500 meters

2022-05-31 0 By

Here, for everyone to speak about the key points of 1500 meters race, in short, the preparation work before the movement can not be less, pay attention to the rhythm of breathing, starting skills.Exercise your will and don’t give up easily.2, pay attention to the reasonable adjustment of breathing and physical distribution.Before you start running, you should do some warm-up exercises to stretch your body.It also increases the speed of the heart.When you first start running, try to keep your strength up and adjust your pace and tempo when you can keep up with the crowd.Don’t start running.3. You have to stick to it before you reach your fatigue limit.There is usually a fatigue limit around 1000-1500.After this fatigue limit, the heart rate and breathing will be relatively stable, and the feeling of soreness in the legs will be reduced.4, the upper body posture is also very important, the head and body to maintain a straight line, the abdomen is slightly closed, swing the arm, the faster the rhythm of the swing, the faster the running speed, with the shoulder joint as the axis, the elbow to send force.5. Start to accelerate about 500 meters before the finish line.By this time, everyone was tired.As long as you work a little harder, you will pull away from others.In general, the way to ensure full marks is to master speed evenly throughout the process.Generally, the steps are 12 in 5 seconds, and the rhythm is “one breath, one breath, one breath,” basically, two little breaths and one big breath.Keep up the pace and you’ll be able to finish the 1500m fast.