I’m on duty for holidays!Suibin county public Security Bureau traffic police brigade during the Spring Festival hit out to check drunk driving safety

2022-05-31 0 By

During the Spring Festival, to strengthen the management of road traffic safety, to the county residents celebrate the New Year to create a good road traffic environment, and resolutely curb because of drunk driving drunk driving cause traffic accident, the shore suijiang county of heilongjiang province public security bureau traffic police brigade, patrol special police brigade, and the township police station of the county key areas and key period, jointly to crack down on drunk driving drunk driving during the action.Action, the county public security bureau traffic police brigade, patrol special police brigade and each township police station take designated patrol inspection and control, inspection of vehicles by car, in a timely manner to eliminate potential safety problems, accomplish every car will check, breach shall rectify, the motor vehicle the overcrowding, drunk driving, drunk driving and unlicensed unlicensed serious traffic violations, adhere to the “zero tolerance” bat,We will treat all parties without discrimination, severely punish them, and resolutely crack down on them.At the same time, to the majority of drivers and passengers actively carry out safety publicity and education, publicity of the seriousness and harm of drunk driving, further improve the majority of drivers’ awareness of traffic safety, legal awareness and civilized traffic awareness.Through the action, severely cracked down on the illegal behavior of drunk driving, to those who have a fluke mentality, ignore the traffic safety laws and regulations of the driver has a strong deterrent effect, for the county residents travel to create a safe road traffic environment.