Want to buy a phone in one step?These three flagships will satisfy you for years without regret

2022-05-31 0 By

We all know that $one thousand machine has a high cost performance, but because of such factors as cost and, one thousand yuan machine configuration often cannot meet the demand of perfection, always want to use a few years, you also need to high-end flagship can do it, so at the time of this February, what are the products on the market is worth considering, the author summarizes the following three new to you,May not represent the best level, but they are all bought will not regret the typical, if you have the need to buy a machine in the near future, I hope this list can bring you reference.The first paragraph:Mi 12 Pro is the best flagship of Snapdragon 8Gen1 at present, which is not one of them. Why do you say so? Because the appearance design of Mi 12 Pro is true and exquisite, and the appearance level is super high against the background of friends, and the feel is thinner than before.Equipped with 120W cable and 50W wireless fast charge, this specification should be difficult to fall behind, the main camera lens for the world’s first SONY IMX707, is also xiaomi and SONY cooperation sensor, photo experience is very good.In the second paragraph:IPhone13 Pro Max is certainly the right choice as long as the budget is large enough, and you don’t hate iOS or iPhone. This machine is the most powerful product at present, even if it is used heavily, it can last a day. There is a kind of return to the level of smart phones a few years ago.What’s more, Full Blood A15 bionic chip is also very powerful, power consumption, heat and performance are several years ahead of the performance, ProMotion high screen brush to Android a lesson, this year, friends have learned the practice of Apple, it can be said that the latecomer.The third paragraph:Samsung S22 this one is my self, samsung S22 series, after all, has not officially open to sell, samsung’s share of the domestic can be described with negligible, but in geek circles, samsung flagship has a place, the samsung S22 is by far the most are amazing little screen flagship, high-quality AMOLED screen, carrying Xiao dragon 8 gen1 processor,With the IP68 waterproof and wireless charging, and the AG glass back cover, the Samsung S22 is worth considering if you can handle its price tag and the battery life of smaller devices.To sum up, with the development of smart phones, market competition also came to compare curing stage, each big manufacturer’s flagship machine actually fatal flaw, like which brand to choose which can, but if you are not allowed to find their own needs, want to go with the flow to consider the public choice, so the above these three models can consider,The price and configuration of mi 12 Pro are very honest, iPhone13 Pro Max is the king of the machine, Samsung S22 is more suitable for small screen party, do not know who will be your choice?Welcome to leave a message.