What happened to Song Jae-hee in Stranger?Who played Park Hoon in the play?

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Song Jae-hee and Han Seung-hee are the same person.Song Jae-hee and Park Hoon once fell in love, but song jae-hee was shot and disappeared due to some accident, and later became a spy, changing his name to Han Seung-hee.In the hospital as an anesthesiologist, male master later saw Japanese in the hospital, has been trying to prove that Han Shengxi is Song Jae-hee, once in the hospital for Song Jae-hee strong hold, Park Xun through the identification of the heartbeat frequency, to determine that she is Song Jae-hee.Song Jae-hee actually has been deeply in love with Park Hoon, but due to coercion and want to see Park Hoon again must not be improper spy.She was also park Hoon’s first successful transplant, a case study for North Korea to prove the results of the research, so Song jae-hee had to live.Who played Park Hoon in the play?Park Hoon is played by Lee Jong-seok, the leading man of the drama.Lee jong-seok, who graduated from Konkuk University, played many leading men in the drama and gained many fans.Park Hoon is the son of a talented thoracic surgeon who was kidnapped to North Korea with his father when he was young.His father trained him to be an excellent thoracic surgeon, and he once stayed in the National Research Institute for five years. The five years’ experience made him more perfect than ordinary doctors as a chief surgeon, and he was able to quickly judge the condition and perform operations at the moment of crisis.He is deeply in love with Song Jae-hee, in order to save his beloved woman bet on their own everything.