Why did the old man dare to call himself the first Emperor since the beginning of the world

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The old man who destroyed the world, his noumenon is jiu you 獓, is a fierce beast with nine tails.And at the end of each tail, there was a dragon head.Posterity put him in the top of the ten fierce, if according to the strict sense, put him in the ten fierce a little insult to him, after all, when the old man appeared, there was no ten fierce this name.His strength is no doubt, once one foot into the emperor territory, and even in the original want to step out of the other foot, strange, body collapse, but did not die completely, said he was the first person under the emperor is not too much.He is the era after era of contempt of the unsurpassed strong.His mind is also peerless, first by the hand of three quasi-immortal emperor to kill Shi Hao.Then provide three pieces of tidane that can be restored for a short time to fight the enemy.Finally, I want to do it on my own. I want to sharpen myself, stimulate my potential, and take the final step completely.He said he was the first emperor since the creation of the world.When Shi Hao beheaded the old man, he entered the deepest part of the ultimate ancient land, where he saw the body of an immortal emperor lying on a huge stone chair.Shi Hao later also learned that this emperor corpse is the real Immortal emperor, and the time of the emperor is much earlier than the old man who destroyed the world, he is called the first emperor through the ages is the most appropriate.So why does the old man say he is the first emperor of the ages?In fact, it is because the old man who destroyed the world appeared much later than the immortal emperor of Corpse. After the immortal Emperor of corpse was infected by the strange, he sealed his pure soul in the copper coffin of the third generation. The corpse was in the deepest part of the ultimate ancient land, and basically was in the state of sleep, and did not appear in the world.As a person of later generations, the old man did not know the existence of the immortal emperor.Before the appearance of the immortal Emperor of corpses, the elder man was the highest practice known.He had stepped into the threshold of the immortal emperor, has been infinitely close to the emperor.And the skeleton immortal emperor as a real immortal emperor, repair and strength is certainly far higher than the old man, will not be pushed out.Even if they push it, they can only push it to the old man here.So this is also the reason why the old man dare to call himself the first emperor since the creation of the world!Ok, let’s stop here today. If there is something wrong, please point it out in the comments section.”Cover the sky” : the strongest fighting race, once had a king, a Buddha, a fairy “Perfect world” : ye Fan and Shi Hao meet a few times why not talk?Shi Hao, Perfect World: Why did the six secret lands created become five in later generations?If you like my words can follow oh, so that you can find me at any time.Here I will share my reading experience with you every day. You can also check out my previous articles, which are also excellent.If you can’t understand or want to know about any novels, please tell me, then we can discuss with each other!See you next time!