Gaoming District education work symposium held: to build high-quality education brand to strengthen the construction of teachers

2022-06-01 0 By

In the spring new semester is about to start, on the morning of February 12, Gaoming district education work symposium was held.Jiang Yuexin, head of Gaoming District, xu Xuyan, standing committee of Gaoming District, talked with the representatives of education workers about the development of Gaoming education, hoping that gaoming education will develop and open a new chapter in the year of tiger.At the symposium, representatives of education workers from all over the district, including students, positions and age groups, spoke enthusiastically and made suggestions for the future development of Gaoming education based on their own working positions and growth experiences.Topics include strengthening Gaoming No. 1 Middle School education Group, matching teachers, reforming cangzhong And Cangzhong Primary schools, paying attention to preschool education and improving teachers’ treatment, strengthening students’ physical education and mental health construction, and giving play to social resources to care for rural students.Gaoming No.1 Middle School Experimental School.Foshan Daily reporter Hong Hai photo centennial plan, education for this.Jiang Yuexin stressed that gaoming education cannot develop without hardware and software.We should intensify efforts to improve education and teaching facilities and build a smart education brand.In terms of hardware, efforts should be made to improve and improve education and teaching facilities. The District Committee and government will use the best location to build schools and save money for education.To vigorously build gaoming education brand, take advantage of the municipal Party committee and government’s support for Gaoming District, shunde and Gaoming close cooperation and construction and other favorable opportunities to promote gaoming No. 1 Middle School and Foshan No. 1 Middle School alliance development, and foshan Huaying School cooperation to build Gaoming Huaying School.Jiang yuexin said that to strengthen the construction of teachers, the key lies in comprehensively strengthening the construction of teachers’ ethics.In software, the most important thing is to strengthen the construction of teachers, the key lies in strengthening the construction of teachers’ ethics.Teachers are the foundation of education and the source of education. They shoulder the responsibility of making every child grow up healthily and making education satisfactory to the people.Educators should integrate their passion and responsibility for teaching into their work, and put into practice the principle of “learning to be a teacher and behaving as an example”.It is necessary to strengthen the construction of teaching staff, bring into play the role of education foundation to introduce high-level talents, and make full efforts to support the development of educational reform and reform.The teacher of Gaoming No.1 Middle School is teaching the translation of classical Chinese.Gaoming educators should cherish the opportunity, live up to the great trust, and work together with the district committee and government to run gaoming people’s satisfactory education.The participants were encouraged and expressed that they would convey the care and expectation of the district committee and government to the education workers in the whole district. They would work together and take responsibility for their efforts to catch up with gaoming education and contribute to the modernization of the “three New” cities in Gaoming.‍ / Foshan Daily reporter Feng Huiwen