Mixed emotions, The Chinese women’s football team won Vietnam and Japan, but the men’s football team lost, Huang Jianxiang: cried twice in 3 days

2022-06-01 0 By

China beat Japan 6-5 in a penalty shootout to reach the final of the Asian Women’s Cup, setting up a showdown with South Korea.Think of the Chinese women’s football team’s consecutive victories over Vietnam and Japan, while the Chinese men’s football team lost to Japan and Vietnam in a row, my heart is really mixed feelings, famous mouth Huang Jianxiang even said: “I cried twice in 3 days.Let’s start with The Chinese women’s football team. They beat Vietnam 3-1 in the quarter-finals to reach the semi-finals.Then we met the strong Japanese women’s football team, Wang Shuang was injured and could not play, the whole team fell into great difficulties, and in the game, we were twice behind, but relying on the strong willpower, they were stubborn to draw, and finally reversed in the penalty shootout, too enthusiastic.Japan is ranked 13th in the world, 6 places higher than China, and has a good record against us, winning 4 in a row…But these are not enough to beat the Chinese women’s football team, we performed a miracle.Think of the Chinese men’s football team, it is hard to mention.In the round of 12, Li Xiaopeng led the National football team, has lost 2-0 to Japan, 1-3 to Vietnam, suffered a series of defeats.One side is a winning streak, the other side is a losing streak, the difference between heaven and earth, can not make people’s heart mixed feelings.Even Huang Jianxiang said: Chinese football fortunately still have girls, the day before yesterday watching the men’s team cried, today watching the women’s team cried again.She cried twice in 3 days. Obviously, the two cries represent completely different flavors.Subsequently, Huang Jianxiang also sent a dynamic: the women’s football team and the Japanese team’s technical and tactical level comparison there is no gap?From the ball control rate of 30-70, to the two sides of the shooting opportunity comparison (7-22), showing a huge gap, this gap is definitely more difficult than the Chinese men’s soccer team the day before yesterday, and Vietnam team strength comparison, more difficult!But did the men’s soccer team have any of the fight that the girls had today?Don’t blame everyone scold them, no contrast, no harm.In the war of self-redemption of the industry, men’s football team has a large area of collective despair and wisdom.Therefore, this group is being ridiculed by society and the industry is facing an existential crisis.Indeed, Chinese men’s football team and Chinese women’s football team, there is no comparison in the spirit level, otherwise they would not have been humiliated by Vietnam.