New Year’s “big melon”, fell on Guo Degang’s head

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Probably no one thought that this Spring Festival, the entertainment circle’s biggest “melon”, will fall on Guo Degang’s head.Beijing Opera actress Wang Mengting gave birth to a daughter last month, but wang is unmarried and the paternity of the baby remains a mystery, according to a post on a public account.However, later in the article, the tone of the whistleblower is somewhat intriguing, accompanied by photos of Guo Degang and Wang Mengting close to the face.In the article, the whistleblower pointed out that Wang Mengting often sang in the Sanqing Garden, a branch of Deyun Society, and once controlled the financial power of the theater. Later, Wang Mengting started a big business, owning a house inside Beijing’s Second Ring Road, and was called deyun Society’s “little teacher’s wife.”Wang Mengting and Guo Degang have an improper relationship, and the biological father of the child may be Guo Degang!The revelation immediately triggered a wide discussion on the Internet.There are not too big, heckling to let Old Guo out to clarify, there are ridicule, said old Guo “old cow eat tender grass”, after all, the age difference between the two is quite big, there are waiting to eat melon.Haven’t waited to Lao Guo’s clarification, the netizen first waited to Wang Mengting’s response.Wang Mengting, of course, denied it completely, and warned the public account that it was in the rumor, slander, and asked the other party to delete the article.Now that the client has come forward, this time, it’s time to stop.The public also did delete the article, however, delete some reluctant, no sincerity.The post was deleted, claiming that it was only “respecting Miss Wang Mengting’s opinion”.As for the authenticity of the Revelations, the public account reserves the right to question.In fact, this is not the first time Guo Degang and Wang Mengting group photo, Wang Mengting is to learn Peking Opera, or Beijing Opera master Sun Yumin’s disciples.And Guo Degang also had cooperation, therefore, also left a lot of photos.Seeing the event continued to ferment on the network, the public number is estimated to be a little panicked, quickly made an apology statement.He apologized to Wang mengting for Posting the article without knowing the actual situation and causing a wrong direction.Can Wang Mengting accept such an “apology”?Apparently not.After apology in public, ushered in the second wave Wang Mengting response, and shows why they didn’t choose the cause of the alarm, because post disinformation is their “half”, to take care of each other, only just ask delete articles, didn’t know each other not only to renounce, also got released the second article again.The platform that released it made light of it, too, and it was bad.So what’s the ending?Go to law!At this time, Guo Degang also posted a dynamic on the social platform, exposing his calligraphy, suspected online refuting rumors: The fifth day of the Chinese New Year, pinch the mouth of a villain.This is a folk custom, it is said that on this day, make dumplings to eat, is also to prevent “small people” rumors caused trouble.Guo Degang chose this day to release such a dynamic, is it a coincidence?Apparently not.Gossip ends with wise men.This year, Guo degang is 49 years old and about to enter the year of “knowing the destiny of God”.Guo degang’s famous history is a “history of encouragement”, is also a “bitter history”.Lao Guo’s experience, if written out, is enough to write a long “history book”.As Guo degang recalls, his life can be summed up by “three visits to Beijing”.In 1988, enter Beijing for the first time, enter oneself for an examination for the national federation of trade unions art troupe, originally thought that a talent can be put to good use, who knows after arrived in Beijing, was arranged to do a “inspection field” of the job, straightforward point to say, is the handyman.I was busy serving tea and water, cleaning toilets, and there was no chance of getting on stage.He had a big head and a round face and was short.No one noticed him at all.I couldn’t make ends meet, even couldn’t pay the rent, and was often abused by the landlord. Once, I missed the bus and walked more than 30 miles alone, with blisters on my feet and even the heart of death.Guo degang returned to Tianjin and made a comeback the following year.On the body with a hundred yuan, looking for relations around, hoping to give him a chance to come to power, again and again by politely refused, the body wrapped up, but again returned to Tianjin.In 1995, he met Hu Zhonghui, a girl studying crosstalk, at the Red Bridge Cultural Center. They fell in love and got married six months later.The Guo Degang that can be thwarted twice is not reconciled, sink so, go off to Beijing for the third time.At that time, Guo degang’s requirements were very low. As long as he could secure his foothold in Beijing, a salary of 2,000 yuan per month was the ultimate of Guo’s dreams.Can still be squeezed out by peers, touched a nose ash.In the words of Guo Degang, I would like to be a dog for you, but you don’t want it. You are afraid that I will bite you, so you have to kick me out. As a result, I became a dragon.Just like xu Juncong’s lines in the movie: my family is destitute and I have no choice but to succeed.The same is true of Guo degang after he was pushed aside by his peers.But for success, Guo Degang also paid huge sacrifice, in the meantime, still sorry a woman, it is his ex-wife Hu Zhonghui.When Guo degang and Wang Zhonghui gave birth to their son, Guo Qilin, in 1996, it fell to Hu zhonghui to take care of his son, who stayed in Beijing for most of his career.Together less away from more, the feelings between husband and wife will inevitably be indifferent.By 1997, their marriage had ended, and After that, Mr. Hu moved to Japan, rarely returning home.At that time, Guo degang had just started his career and was short of money. Together with Li Jing and Zhang Wenshun, he founded the Beijing Crosstalk Convention, the predecessor of Deyun Society.But times are still tough.Fortunately, Guo degang met his dignitaries and his second wife, Wang Hui, who studied dagu.It was also with Wang hui’s help that Guo was able to rent an apartment on the outskirts of Beijing and teach a class with a team of apprentices.No money, Wang Hui even xiali car sold.In 2003, in order to maintain the cost of living, in order to let his disciples can also continue to survive, guo also took part in a reality TV show called “super big winner”, in the “cage” to the person when the monkey playing, suffered humiliation, once want to quit, but in the end, in order to get paid 4000 yuan, or swallowed down.Never forget, there will be echoes.It is also had Guo Degang’s insistence, just had later counterattack.Later, Guo degang studied with Hou Yaowen, and his career began to improve.The crosstalk community stresses the importance of family status and mentoring, and With Hou yaowen, guo’s career began to take off.In 2005, Deyun Society was completely popular.Trained a large number of disciples, the early most popular is Cao Yunjin.But after Cao Yunjin and Guo Degang produce contradiction, left deyun society.That is a piece of Guo Degang “heart”, every time mentioned, unavoidably heart pains.I taught my apprentice, but I want to kill him with my own hands, anyone would not be able to stand it.But who can say if it is not a grudge?Fortunately, after Cao Yunjin left, Guo Degang held yue Yunpeng in both hands.By the way, he also sent his son to the stage of crosstalk.Among his many apprentices, Guo degang treated his son more severely than his apprentices.Conventional training naturally little, after several years of grinding, Guo Qilin also had the opportunity to come to power.In 2012, Guo Qilin stage performance, due to abnormal play, resulting in a cold scene, back to the release of an apology, but as a father, this can not give his son pocket, but severely criticized his son.In Guo degang’s concept, the audience is the “bread and butter” of actors, thoughtless means sorry to the audience.Guo Degang this “true”, won the audience like.In Guo Degang’s view, scold his son, but also for his son’s good.Be scolded enough at home, learn to be smart, go out less scolded, always better than not scolded him, until he went out to be scolded by others, right?Under the strict education of Guo Degang, Guo Qilin also gradually learned to work seriously, sincere life, step by step in the crosstalk industry, but also appeared in the “Celebration of More Than one year”, “Zuonxu” and other hit drama, world War I fame.Red is not much, old Guo’s gossip did not come, but guo Qilin’s gossip came first.In 2021, an Internet celebrity suddenly broke the news online that he was “used up and thrown away” by Guo Qilin, and also posted a screenshot of the chat with Guo Qilin.The entertainment circle collapse of the room is too much, many people also worry about this “deyun society one elder brother” to collapse of the room, who knows, soon after, ushered in a reversal.Originally, all this is female net red drunk to make “wrong dragon”, but let Guo Qilin heat on a higher level.As the old saying goes, like father, like son, could it also be the other way around, that there are sons because fathers lead by example?At the beginning Guo Degang can become famous, can not leave Wang Hui’s strong support, now the fire all over the north and south, Lao Guo will not destroy the future and reputation?Entertainment circle is complex and changeful, be in this “big dye VAT” old Guo, be not aware of the nourishing taste among them impossibly, as to gossip, let it wind and come loose.