3-1 the Danish!Chinese female ice naturalized goalkeeper tears excitedly, tiger head mask + dragon pattern leg guard steal the spotlight

2022-06-02 0 By

Beijing time on February 4, Olympic women’s hockey round robin in the second round clash, Denmark in the Chinese female ice ice, in the end after three games, the Chinese female ice 3-1 win their first defeat opponent won the Olympics, the Chinese female ice naturalization goalkeeper strong, blocking the opponent’s threat shooting many times.In the last round, The Chinese women’s ice lost 3-1 to the Czech Women’s ice, and in the second round, the Chinese women’s ice faced the Danish team. In the first game, the Danish team took the lead in scoring a goal, and the Chinese women’s ice was then launched a counter-attack, almost pressing the opponent to attack, but there was no luck in scoring.In the second game, The Chinese women ice finally scored, Lin Qiqi for the Chinese women ice equalized the score will equalize the score, the momentum of the Chinese women ice in the third game under the two cities: Linni goal to exceed the score, the last moment, the Chinese women ice again under a city, 3-1 kill the game!The Chinese women’s ice hockey team got their first win of the Winter Olympics by beating Denmark 3-1, coming back from 1-0 down to win 3-1 thanks to goalkeeper Zhou Jiaying’s performance.As a naturalized player, Zhou Jiaying is born to a Chinese mother and a Canadian father, who was once the Canadian men’s ice goalkeeper, so it can be said that Zhou Jiaying is a daughter following in her father’s footsteps.Love after the 3-1 defeat against Denmark, in an interview in mixed Zhou Jiaying area just a few degrees SOB, cross flow tears: “(win) I am very happy, last November, I was hurt, but the national team has not give up me, give me encouragement, thank the leadership and the confidence of the coach can represent China, and win the game, I’m very proud of!”Not only this fluctuating interview caused attention, this game zhou Jiaying’s equipment is also very steal the spotlight, mask head is a tiger tattoo, “Tiger tiger alive and powerful, very suitable for the year of the tiger!”And her gaiters, it is dragon pattern, very domineering!Tigers on your head and dragons on your legs!This wave of equipment, Denmark can score a goal, already very lucky!In the next match, The Chinese women’s ice team will face the Japanese team on February 6th. We also hope that the Chinese women’s ice team can make persistent efforts and win the game again